Full Moon in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse

Thursday 5th May 2023

The Full Moon at 14°58′ Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse on the 5th May opposite Uranus is conjuring up the most unexpected fated events and encounters. Turn initially challenging news and developments into pleasant surprises by deciphering where you will place your unwavering focus. The power is in your hands and mind. Major life shifts are on the horizon, whether you are spiritually, emotionally or physically ready or not. The Universe has been busy constructing an assault course to whip you into shape, testing your coping mechanisms. Adamant that you want someone or something in particular, then God and the Universe will send options and obstacles to test your commitment. Instead of fearing failure or rejection, make the first important step […]

Solar Eclipse and Aries New Moon

Thursday 20th April 2023

Aries New Moon at 29°50′ synchronising with the rarest hybrid Solar Eclipse that only occurs a few times each century is creating fated chaos in our personal and work lives to force us to seek unexpected rewarding outcomes and better options. Embrace drastic changes to avoid being dragged from our comfort zone by challenging square aspect to Pluto ripping all control from our grips, a sacrifice crucial for us to evolve and our lives to truly begin. A clear vision of how our current and future life ‘should’ look is firmly embedded in our minds, keeping us stagnant by resisting the significantly more favourable options that God and the Universe are waiting to deliver. Some of the people that we […]

Full Moon in Libra

Thursday 6th April 2023

It is time for personal deep healing on a soulful level. The Full Moon at 16°07′ Libra and opposite Chiron, forces past traumas, insecurities, disappointments, mistrusts and unhealed emotions that have been subconsciously hidden and derived from previous feelings of rejection, victimisation and words and actions that jeopardised our own feeling of self worth to rise to the surface. Unsolved issues caused by the relationship with a parent, partner, friend or any other individual which made us feel less worthy, cautious to trust freely, or instilled a sense of having to prove ourselves, are being highlighted by Chiron as the blockages that stop us from moving forward in our life. These subconscious hurts are preventing us from stepping into the […]