Full Moon in Libra

Thursday 6th April 2023

It is time for personal deep healing on a soulful level. The Full Moon at 16°07′ Libra and opposite Chiron, forces past traumas, insecurities, disappointments, mistrusts and unhealed emotions that have been subconsciously hidden and derived from previous feelings of rejection, victimisation and words and actions that jeopardised our own feeling of self worth to rise to the surface. Unsolved issues caused by the relationship with a parent, partner, friend or any other individual which made us feel less worthy, cautious to trust freely, or instilled a sense of having to prove ourselves, are being highlighted by Chiron as the blockages that stop us from moving forward in our life.

These subconscious hurts are preventing us from stepping into the best versions of ourselves, experiencing the highest quality romantic relationships, friendships and distracting us from fulfilling our life goals and purpose. Call for closure on other people’s warped opinions formed by their own experiences that they project onto us, that influence and stop us from loving ourselves to the fullest. We should see ourselves for who we truly are through our own eyes, a constant yet beautiful work in progress.

Past and present romantic relationships, friendships and family bonds will be at the forefront of our minds. This is a time for analytical and heartfelt conversations with ourselves. We are about to enter into an exciting, evolving, successful, abundant, overflowing with love, new chapter and we cannot be weighed down by any past insecurities and unhealed wounds. It will require us to turn up with all of your high energy and focus.

Chiron is dealing us with raw yet necessary cosmic lessons  to elevate us to become who we were born to be. Avoiding facing our shadow side, our own words and actions, along with other people’s behaviour that has slowly chipped away at us, is what is keeping us in a stagnated state of mind. Attracting self doubt, negativity and a feeling of not being enough to achieve and have everything that we desire. Whilst many of us are positive, confident and affected very little by what other people say or do, we have all experienced betrayals and confronting issues within our life no matter how big or small, that subconsciously sticks in our psyche.

We are so busy running to other people for advice and validation on matters that concern ourselves, instead of internally understanding why we think and act the way that we do. This Full Moon is the perfect time to release certain people and detrimental thoughts that are holding us back. Conversations and advice from others can provide clarity, but sometimes we need to act as our own shrink. No one else has access to all of our thoughts, emotions and memories like we do. We could have blissfully been unaware of the enormity of these issues and the effects on our present and future selves, minding our own business and getting on with life, only for these memories and feelings to all of a sudden hit us and stop us in our tracks.

Memories of people’s words and behaviour towards us can start to fill our heads. Triggering that we have necessary healing and issues to address, that are weighing down our subconscious mind. They can be a singular memory and a culmination of memories to lead us to feel like we have been mistreated. This can involve how a family member or members have treated us, or impacted our self-esteem and desire for approval, how a partner or love interest mistreated us, took us for granted or we experienced an imbalance of efforts. We may even recognise repeated odd comments from a friend that uncover an underlying tone. We have all experienced a form of betrayal by different people who entered our lives to teach us valuable lessons. The real lesson is how we react and how we decide to move forward. 

Do not let someone else’s lack of moral compass or confusion change our good character. We value an important connection by making someone aware of their behaviour, offering them a chance to rectify the problem, instead of instantly cutting ties. In some cases forgiveness does not require reconnection, but you free yourself from any burdens and regrets. Clear communication, understanding and forgiveness is required.

It is time to speak up about what is on our minds and hearts. Silence allows boundaries to be crossed and for trust to be broken. Emotional intelligence provoking strong communication skills and owning our feelings will get us through this self aware chapter in time. By analysing our own behaviour and state of mind we can better understand how we have reached this present way of thinking and being. We have not accidentally arrived at this destination, of being too guarded, paranoid or cautious to trust everyone, instead certain factors and people’s behaviour, actions and words have contributed to this way of being.

It’s about owning our current way of thinking and instead of accepting this is just who we are, work backwards and figure out how we reached this point. Issues that arise that are not tackled at the time often result in us skipping our own healing. Instead of solving a matter and releasing it, we’re holding onto the mistrust and hurt and leaving multiple question marks in its trail.

Expect emotional volatility and tensions during this Full Moon at 16°07′ Libra. The minor planet and comet Chiron and larger planet Uranus, an aspect pattern connecting the Full Moon triggers chaos and irritable outbursts. Thankfully, perfectly placed Mercury offers the solution when heartfelt and open conversations soothe worries. We are equipped to communicate our way towards closure to move forward with a lighter heart. Full Moon quincunx Uranus causes uncertainty and high tensions. View this as a liberating factor sent to free us from the constraints that we have allowed to restrict us.

Judgement and accusations of wrong doings by other people is unhelpful. Instead explain to them how they made you feel and how it’s affected you, so that they can understand and try to rectify the situation. When someone takes accountability for their faults, allow them to do better in order to move forward. In some situations you can forgive, but can no longer prolong the connection, when this happens move forward in a kind and graceful manner.

The entire point of life is to experience love to the highest degree and to evolve spiritually. This notion of cancel culture provokes constant judgement and glorifying someone’s downfall instead of listening and questioning someone’s actions and words, to instead allow them to reflect and learn from the experience. People are placed in our lives for a reason and vice versa. Whilst this Full Moon provokes raw emotions and outbursts, we have the power to control how we communicate these frustrations.

Always look for the silver lining, Chiron is here to realign karmic imbalance and stir things up, not to punish us, but to place us back on track.

Relationships that have been experiencing disconnection will be sent major events to balance this energy. Unexpected new relationships and encounters where an instant attraction is felt will force into question existing relationships that have been burdening us. Choices are being presented to offer perspective and to reignite our own fire and realisation of what and who we want. It is not about how much time has been invested, if you are mistreated and explained how you feel and you are met with a reluctance from the other person to work on the connection then choose to make the decision for them and allow this Full Moon to present you with all potential options.

Try to avoid impulsive actions. Use this chaotic energy to your advantage. If we are being tested in work and business and everything appears to be falling around us, sometimes it’s a gift from God to break everything apart so that we can be built back up bigger and better than ever. Innovation never comes from a place of comfort. When we are being tested most we can either crumble, or become our most creative, innovative and those that are connected to their spiritualism should expect grand ideas and experiences in the form of visitations.

The trajectory of our lives was never meant to flat line and stay in a stagnated state, we are meant to make every day, month and year count. It doesn’t always require huge actions, as one powerful thought is enough to make a difference to your day, just don’t stop striving towards what you want.

Mercury sextile Mars will bless our plans with good fortune by enforcing determination and Mercury sextile Saturn makes it a good time for business dealings and signing contracts, as it provokes clarity in thought, accurate judgment and strong organisational skills.

Mars trine Saturn encourages our ambitions and perseverance to fulfil a task or project to perfection. We are taking accountability and charge of all the things that we do have control over. Anything holding us back requires our own intervention to make important changes. Don’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion, set a plan and stick to it. Write down your goals and do everything in your power to achieve them. Lost your sparkle? Work on yourself until you feel that it has returned. There’s many things that can be fixed if given enough focus and foresight.

This Libra Full Moon is teaching us the importance of perseverance and not allowing anything or anyone to come between our goals, dreams and the best version of our future self. Declutter our energy and heal from past disappointments to allow yourself to step into a happier future.

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