Nousha’s Psychic Abilities

The gift of Mediumship Spirit Messages

Spirits appear to Nousha in detailed 3D form exterior to her, or in full colour detail through her mind’s third eye. Nousha can convey the spirits physical description, including facial features and mannerisms, eye colour, hair colour and hair style, height, build, style of clothing, age, personality, voice, health issues or the cause of passing, the relationship to the client, initials, or the first or last names.

A spirits voice and accent can be heard exterior to Nousha, or within her mind, or through telepathy using clairaudience. Spirits can drop words, full sentences and thoughts into her head and carry out conversations. Their presence and energy can be felt and at times Nousha can recognise their perfume and aftershave scent.

Spirits use further methods to deliver a message by drawing Nousha’s attention to specific objects or moving an object, making a sound, showing her images or vivid visions and visiting her whilst awake or in her dreams.

Spirit automatic writing allows Nousha to write words and sentences without consciously writing, along with unconsciously scribbling and drawing to reveal further mediumship insights.

A person’s sprits, guides and Angels can make themselves known to Nousha within a reading. Nousha also has the capabilities to see any spirits that do not connect to the client, yet reside at a client’s home or space. She is able to pass these energies on and carry out a quick clearing remotely over the telephone if needed (at no additional cost when carried out within the reading).

Aiming to provide comfort and proof that loved ones are still heavily present within a person’s life, Nousha can pass on messages, describe past events, lived experiences, information on present and future outcomes and more.

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The gift of Clairvoyance

Images and vivid visions in the form of a full colour movie enable Nousha to tap into the client’s past, present and future. Nousha is shown individuals involved in all areas of the client’s life, including love, work, family and more.

Detailed scenarios, people and surroundings are visible to her using clairvoyance and methods such as remote viewing and astral travel to step into a home, place of work, or other location.

A person’s facial features and expressions, eye colour, hair colour and hair style, height, build, style of clothing, mannerisms and actions can be seen by Nousha within a psychic vision leading to greater clarity on one’s character, intentions and the role that they do and will play within the client’s life.

A spirit’s physical appearance, facial expressions, personality and reasons for passing can be shown to Nousha using her psychic third eye or mediumship when seeing spirits in 3D form exterior to her. Nousha also sees guides, Angels and Archangels in intricate detail.

Since childhood, Nousha has experienced visitations from spirits, guides, Angels, Archangels and the Divine.


Spirits, guides, Angels, Archangels and Divine beings can be heard exterior to Nousha, or within her mind, or through telepathy to deliver predictions and messages of validation.

When hearing an exterior voice, Nousha can also detect other languages being spoken to her and the spirit’s accent. If a spirit speaks a language different to English, then the spirit can still communicate with Nousha telepathically as a form of translation. Words, sentences, numbers, conversations and thoughts can be dropped into her mind.

Clairsentience and Empathic Ability

Sensing people’s energies, inner thoughts and character, clairsentience and empathic ability allows Nousha to tap into one’s mind, emotions and intentions, to provide a deeper insight into how a client feels, or how another individual feels towards the client and how they operate.

Receiving feelings on a person, place, or situation, enables Nousha to read people, provide a warning, advise on the best decisions to make and how to move forward in every important aspect of life.

Reading a person’s psyche, trustworthiness, personality, temperament, inner nature and mentality, Nousha is able to foresee their past, present and future, along with their behaviour and actions. Nousha can also sense a spirits presence and the energy of a place or situation.

Over the years Nousha has acquired vast spiritual knowledge.

Angelic Spiritual Healings and Clearings

A natural born healer, Nousha works with the Divine, Angels, Archangels and her healing guides to heal physical and emotional issues and blockages within a person or animal, using a range of unique healing methods. Every healing is bespoke to cater to the individual.