Full Moon 23rd November 2018

  • 23rd November 2018

Tempers are to rise, deceitful and sneaky individuals are about to be exposed and it’s a blessing in disguise!! The Full Moon is at 0° Gemini in the Pleiades Star Cluster. Anger and arguments are rife! The Full Moon is causing a whirlwind of intense emotions! We will feel courages and strong, but it will also ignite great anger and irritation. Think before we react! A moment an anger can cause regret, even if you have a valid reason to be annoyed. Be aware as this Full Moon will test our patience and teach us to restrain ourselves from impulsive behaviour. The desire to be ruthless and crueler than usual after a temper outburst is triggered by the Full Moon being in the Pleiades. Forethought is a must during this period to avoid pain and regret. To survive this Full Moon we must take full control of our emotions and…

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Full Moon 24th October 2018 ~ Happy Surprised in Love!!

  • 24th October 2018

This Full Moon is at 1° Taurus and joins Uranus. This October Full Moon is about unexpected and exciting development in love relationships! There will be a big turning point in your love life and financial matters as Venus is opposite Uranus. Uranus will reignite passion in existing or past relationships that still harbour feelings but were previously placed on hold due to misunderstandings, miscommunication, distance or fall outs involving egos. If single, you will attract new and exciting love likely from an admirer who will shortly make themselves known. Those trapped in relationships were the love has gone or dwindled will take the necessary action to break free so that a new love can find you and blossom. The next 2 weeks following the Full Moon will trigger big changes to transform your career and particularly love relationships, everything will move in accelerated motion. Whilst this Full Moon will…

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New Moon 8th October 2018 – AKA Hello to the new and improved version of you!!

  • 9th October 2018

This transformative New Moon falls at 15° Libra. It will have you craving control over each and every aspect of your life, including romantic relationships. It’s an intense energy, so don’t be shocked if you unexpectedly become fixated over a certain individual in a short space of time, or find yourself pining over the one you love. Towards loved ones you will likely be feeling nostalgic, sentimental and protective. On the flip side a need for control in your love life and career can also make you adamant in prioritising your happiness and future and drastically cutting ties with anyone who you feel no longer serves you. If there has been repeated negative on and off cycles or too much water under the bridge, the New Moon can provoke you to snap, cut ties and allow new energy and people to enter your life. Provoking a need for control links…

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The Full Moon on Monday 24th September 2018 is at 2° Aries and has a huge Saturn influence!!

  • 24th September 2018

This Full Moon will push us to address and overcome our deepest fears and we will witness the smallest of triggers drastically switching our feelings and direction in life. The butterfly effect is real. This Full Moon square Saturn will have us doubting our own emotions and the feelings of the people we care most about in regards to important and romantic relationships. Chiron conjunct this Full Moon takes us back to our childhood memories as we regress our emotions back to a child-like state. Often we don’t recognise the effects our childhood and teen years have on our adult relationships and character. Our parents play a huge part in our outlook and actions as adults. Any fears or issues from our younger years subconsciously manifests into our adult life and can affect our choices, relationships, self-esteem and happiness unless we deal with any issues head on. This Full Moon…

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The Full Moon on Sunday 26th August 2018 at 3° Pisces – Sky High is the Limit!!

  • 26th August 2018

This Full Moon astrology is positively symmetrical, creating a kite aspect pattern. Five beautiful aspects surround this intense opposition influencing us to utilise our unique talents and determination to break boundaries, turn disappointment into triumph and command overwhelming success!! Everything we’re not, will soon make us everything we are about to become. Never fear failure, it’s our greatest weapon. Think you’ve been repeatedly tested over the last few months? There are no coincidences when it comes to faith and the intentions of the Universe. We finally know exactly who and what we want in our lives. It’s time to get serious about our current situations and future.  Our intuition and strategic thinking are being fine-tuned. We must be honest with ourselves and identify what is detrimental to our prosperity, progression, happiness and exactly what is holding us back in our personal and professional lives. Now is the time to tackle our…

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August 11th New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse!!

  • 11th August 2018

At 18 degrees Leo, this New Moon and Solar Eclipse are affected by a conjunction to Mercury Retrograde and pushing us to be courageous and take charge!! The Eclipse is forcing us to unleash our inner lion or lioness and not only think about where our life is currently situated, but also where it is headed. We must take brave action to grab the wheel and drive us to our desired destination!! Leo’s always take initiative, they don’t wait for life to pass them by. This energy and thinking will influence all of the zodiac signs, not just Leo’s. Nothing worth having comes easy, hence why this Solar Eclipse is presenting obstacles and brings the challenging aspects of Jupiter and Pluto to the surface, causing much needed disagreements and a power battles in order to reach a resolution. Ideas and debates on feminism and politics will be caused by Asteroid…

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New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse on the 12th July 2018

  • 12th July 2018

The New Moon on Thursday 12th July 2018 at 20° Cancer partial solar eclipse is teaching us the fundamental lesson of trusting in the Universe, God and our Spirit Guides!! If you’ve felt like you’ve lost control of certain aspects of your life over the last few weeks then this is no coincidence. No matter how hard you’ve tried to fix a relationship, take control of your finances, tried to advance in your career, or whichever aspect of your life has been heavily playing on your mind it’s as if all power has been relinquished from you. This is because we are being taught a hard Universal lesson that often when we want something or someone so badly, we can become obsessed with maintaining control to reach our desired outcome. Our devotion can lead to stubbornness and our ego and fear of the future not panning out exactly as we…

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Full Moon 28th June 2018!! AKA the Cosmic Intervention!!

  • 28th June 2018

This Full Moon is about to force us to become our own greatest mentor and cheerleader!! The Full Moon is at 6° Capricorn and influenced by a forceful conjunction to Saturn retrograde. So how will this affect our actions and mood? The negative aspect of this Full Moon is a blessing in disguise as it’s going to push us to step up to the plate and take initiative, so don’t panic!! In the upcoming two weeks yes we will be feeling more serious which will then trigger any of our inner fears, insecurities and guilt and force us to question what restricts us from living our best life, what stops us from having that fulfilling romantic relationship, what prevents us from doing what we love in our career, or whatever else we desire but currently don’t have. Clarity is key this Full Moon to stop us from simply coasting through…

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Happy Birthday Cancerians!! It’s your Birthday and you can cry if you want to!!

  • 21st June 2018

Happy Birthday Cancerians!! June 21st - July 22nd Listen up ya little cry babies, let’s set the record straight and prove why all you Cancerian sun, moon and rising signs are seriously misunderstood by the rest of us zodiac signs!! Yes the influence of your ruler the moon stirs wild emotions within you, BUT this is exactly what this Leo absolutely loves about you…you Cancerians love fearlessly. Or at least this is one of your signs greatest life lessons, to honour your divine feminine. I know many Cancerians and they are some of the most gentle, loyal and nurturing souls around!! Despite their tough shell to keep initial strangers at arm’s length, everyone that truly knows a Cancerian, knows that they can’t help but to quickly let their guard down to expose their softer endearing side. The host and hostess with the mostest, Cancerians go above and beyond to make…

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Full Moon in Scorpio on 29th/30th April 2018

  • 29th April 2018

The Pink Full Moon in Scorpio falls on April 29th in the US and April 30th in Europe. The Full Moon at 9° Scorpio is an extremely positive forecast for establishing secure foundations and victorious success. There is a particular focus on Saturn which signifies strategic planning, will power and the end successes. The Full Moon opposing the Sun will bring to the surface all of the aspects of your life that you have desperately been trying to juggle. Focus on your finances and career stability may be interfering with the time and energy you wish to devote to your intimate relationships. Your desire to travel, explore the world and live your life to the fullest may temporally be jeopardising your future plans and financial stability. If you’re a recent Mother, you will want to spend as much time as possible bonding with your new born and yet feeling pressure…

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