New Moon in Gemini

Sunday 18th June 2023

The June New Moon at 26°43′ Gemini aligns with asteroid Juno. The ancient Romans named Juno the Moon goddess, Juno Covella. The energies of asteroid Juno fill our hearts with deep love and our minds with thoughts or memories of the one that we truly love. Those that are yet to meet their match will try to envisage their most desirable future partner. Juno emphasises serious partnerships, marriage and soul connections, regardless of the time shared or space unfilled. Juno represents matters of true love, soul mates and heartfelt romantic commitments.  Individuals with true intentions in their love life, will have extra cosmic help during this time. God, the Angels, the Universe and our guides speak to us everyday through […]

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Saturday 3rd June 2023

The Full Moon at 13°18′ Sagittarius and trine Mars, aligns with a central gravitation point in space, generating an intense alluring and seductive energy. A supercluster known as The Great Attractor, comprises of the Milky Way, our galaxy, along with 100,000 other galaxies. The Great Attractor has a huge influence on the June Full Moon and individuals with the Great Attractor rising in their astrological chart, making these people attractive and charming. These people often become influential in their industry and spark great levels of interest due to their ideas and talents. Many with the Great Attractor rising in their chart go on to acquire large followings and recognition in the form of fame. The Great Attractor is one of […]

New Moon in Taurus

Friday 19th May 2023

The New Moon at 28°25′ Taurus, sextile Mars and linked to Jupiter square Pluto, creates the most important planetary aspect to occur in 2023. Recent exhaustion, inspirational blocks and lack of dedication towards personal and work goals will finally be lifted by this powerful planetary aspect that amplifies your ambition, focus and places you back on your path. The opposing negative influences of the New Moon will have some people and groups contemplating fast-tracking their success through ruthless actions and unethical means. Gracefully become so heavily involved in your growth and elevating your life by focusing on your own happiness and refining your goals, by removing draining and lingering distractions. You can change the narrative of your life whenever you […]