Full Moon in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse

Thursday 5th May 2023

The Full Moon at 14°58′ Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse on the 5th May opposite Uranus is conjuring up the most unexpected fated events and encounters. Turn initially challenging news and developments into pleasant surprises by deciphering where you will place your unwavering focus. The power is in your hands and mind.

Major life shifts are on the horizon, whether you are spiritually, emotionally or physically ready or not. The Universe has been busy constructing an assault course to whip you into shape, testing your coping mechanisms. Adamant that you want someone or something in particular, then God and the Universe will send options and obstacles to test your commitment. Instead of fearing failure or rejection, make the first important step and the next and you will be supported for your hopefulness.

Some are facing the most testing of times, some spiritually chosen and others man made. No matter the reasoning for what is happening to you, own it and evolve yourself and the situation into the most inspiring success story and transformation. Anything truly worth having won’t just fall onto your lap. 

Blessings in disguise will strengthen your perseverance and shatter stagnant energy. The Universe is gifting you Pandora’s Box, triggering the most necessary unpredictable and chaotic cosmic energy. Depending on how you react and handle upcoming events will determine the outcomes, but keep in mind that chaos often births breakthroughs.

Many of you are battling obstacles being lunged at you from all directions, affecting your finances, relationships, family life, career, and will even have you questioning your purpose, due to the Lunar Eclipse aligning with an unfortunate star. Yet the intention is not for you to crumble under pressure, instead to face everything and everyone head on that is holding you back from your greatest visions and happiness. Some aren’t wishing for extreme dreams to be fulfilled, they are merely working towards a place of stability. Whatever you are desiring as your end goal, ensure that you don’t give up hope during this crucial time, don’t panic and listen to your intuition for guidance. God, the Angels, your guides and passed over loved ones couldn’t be closer during testing times.

Individuals with intuitive and spiritual abilities will feel electrifying energy and changes fast approaching. To step into the next crucial chapter as your most confident, inspiring, strong and focused self, start preparing, working hard and strategising to accommodate your manifestations. Manifestation without applied action and intention is a wasted wish, when you subconsciously tell yourself that you’re not yet ready to receive, you delay the opportunities.

This Full Moon and Solar Eclipse is about owning your emotions and mindset, don’t allow negative thoughts influenced by the fixed star Zubenelgenubi at 15°24′ Scorpio representing negative karma to throw you off track. Dreams will be heightened and cautions delivered to you through intuitive thoughts and feelings. Never have you felt so powerful, even if you feel like you are crumbling under pressure, constant problematic lessons are being dealt and you’re only just keeping your head above water, get ready to reintroduce the most refined and wise version of yourself.

Everything that you have experienced and forcefully gone through over the last few years occurred so that you could arrive at this exact destination with your present thinking and outlook. You can’t evade exterior manipulation and interference. Often we have to be pulled down to be able to sympathise and truly understand what other people are going through. Perspective is a blessing and light cannot exist without the dark.

Uranus opposite an unfortunate star potentially provokes some unpleasant surprises. Try not to panic, whilst a lunar eclipse often triggers a more powerful astrological impact, the May lunar eclipse is more subtle in its approach. If you couldn’t handle it then you wouldn’t be served the lesson. The times in your life when you have elevated spiritually and emotionally in the most transformative ways are usually after struggle, heartbreak, or a feeling of lack, that pushes you to be stronger than ever. Nothing extraordinary comes from a place of comfort zone and you owe it to yourself not to give up.

Everything may be stacked against you, but your power is in the way that you process a situation, hold on to hope and your unwavering perseverance. If there is a way, you will find it. Everything is being thrown into perspective, you have been through worse. Realise that if anyone else can do it, so can you. If you were able to erase the most challenging times experienced, then you miss out on the battles necessary to sharpen your focus and that make you who you are.

Allow self-doubts to evaporate away, because you need your strength now more than ever to focus all of your energy on creating exciting times ahead. Put in the dedication to eventually reap your well deserved rewards. The ongoing journey was never meant to be consistently easy, otherwise you would never truly appreciate how far you’ve come.

The Moon is illuminating all things hidden, because eventually matters that you have been avoiding have to arise to the surface. People usually only show you what they want you to see. Not everything is always as it first appears. Originality has never been more lacking or necessary. When you show up, dress, act, talk like everybody else, you are merging into the background and dissolving your unique blueprint. Very few view the world through your eyes and that is your superpower, so don’t allow society and the pre-constructed consensus of the masses diminish your individuality and vision. The world is as beautiful or as ugly as you allow it to become.

When you believe in the concept that there’s a hierarchy of power and influence you’re instantly falling into line. No matter how ridiculous, huge or small your goals and dreams may appear, if they can do it, so can you, as long as you are willing to work on other supporting factors such as talent and hard work.  

Most have experienced some level of criticism in their life whether it be from family, a partner, friends, bullies, teachers, a boss, or maybe you’ve not received much if any criticism and felt supported and it is you yourself that feels unworthy and adopted the imposter syndrome.

Your ideas, visions and passion would have never been imprinted in your mind if you couldn’t fulfil them. Instead of thinking so small, replace these thoughts with what if. Give yourself that chance and opportunity. Yes, there may be other conflicting factors that slow down the process of reaching your goals, or you have to work even smarter backed by tenacity as everything is stacked against you, but if you keep going you will get there in the end. Avoid focusing on your weaknesses and instead amplify your strengths. Anything you don’t know, learn. This is not talk of delusions because there are times to be realistic, but when it comes to your purpose, you have to keep striving.

This Full Moon emits the energy for magic and miracles. Expansion, faith, initiative and courage is key, leave the mundane notion of living someone else’s dreams at the door and question everything. If your idea of total bliss is to spend time with your family and children, make it happen and make sure you’re choosing your path and that life isn’t choosing you. It’s never forced when you follow your intuition and heart, you only hinder destiny when you ignore all of the synchronicities, gut feelings and settle for less than you deserve. Whilst you have important daily obligations and responsibilities, try not to lose yourself in the mix.

The Full Moon opposite Uranus influences you to strive for independence. When you are on the brink of something major you can feel more anxious and nervous because you have a lot to lose, but everything to gain. The Full Moon’s energy will provoke uncertainty, mood swings and emotional unbalance but remain calm and in control by searching for the solutions instead of emphasising the problems.

Combining the Uranus aspect and fixed star Zubenelgenubi bringing shocking surprises, patience is a necessity whilst you strategically prepare for your upcoming new life cycle. Resist through frustration acting spontaneously without strategy. Avoid irrational behaviour and outbursts, read that text message or email 3 times and breathe before you decide to send it.

The unpredictable events ahead are not all being sent to challenge you, there’s a high chance of unexpected encounters in love life and work that can positively change your life. If you have become a hermit, leave the house once in a while to allow the opportunities to bump into you.

Thank your lucky stars that it is a subtle penumbral lunar eclipse, diminishing the effects of the fixed star Zubenelgenubi at 15°24′ Scorpio. Karma, whilst most believe it to have negative repercussions, it is important to clear stagnant energy to build new paths towards better experiences and connections. We all make mistakes, karma is gifted to allow us to grow and to become self-aware. This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is what you make it, stay in your power and be grateful for the most unexpected events and shifts being sent to wake you up and to be placed back onto your destined path.

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