International psychic medium and founder of Psychic Gems, Nousha has experienced visitations from Angels and spirits since childhood. Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizient, means that Nousha can see, hear and feel the esoteric world.

Empathic ability allows Nousha to tap into the minds and emotions of the client and those in question. Tuning into ones energy, intentions, personality and physical attributes.

Working with her Angels, guides and spirits to connect, Nousha uses tarot, numerology, aspects of astrology and a prior meditation on each client to provide a deeper level of reading. Nousha experiences vivid dreams in the form of premonitions, can astral travel and remote view.

Nousha is shown her client’s life like a movie and will look into options in love, who you’ll marry, children, family, the dynamics of a relationship, career, business, fame and fortune, twin flame, soul mate and karmic connections and any matters of importance to you.

Nousha reads professionally for hundreds of international clients and has an Instagram following of 100K+.

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Let me just start by saying wow … Nousha connected with me quickly and with zero background. She picked up and read on what I needed without me even mentioning it. Not only that, but the detail was amazingly accurate. I am grateful for the reading (and for her ability to tell you what it is, whether it’s tough or not). I would recommend Nousha to anybody over and over again … She truly is a ‘gem’! Her energy is wonderful and I look forward to reading with her again!! ❤️

Initially I was nervous about having a reading. However, from our first exchange of messages Nousha made me feel so at ease. She has a really talent not just a medium but making her clients happy and intrigued in the depth things she says! I would highly recommend that if anyone is at a crossroads in their life or just interested in delving in to their soul, future and heart, Nousha is the best person to contact! X

I’m so grateful for Nousha ✨ This was the first time I had a reading with her and I was blow away with the information she told me in my life ..🌸 She gave me wonderful advice and has such a beautiful energy. 💫 She is a true gem 💎 I would recommend a reading with Nousha …I Definitely will have another reading again…found my psychic gem 🔮💖😘

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