Nousha has been born with the gift of mediumship, psychic ability, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, healing, past life regression, dream premonitions, remote viewing, astral travel and empathic ability.

Nousha reads and heals clients from all over the world from all walks of life, including celebrity clients.

Since childhood she has experienced spiritual visitations from spirits, passed over loved ones, guides, Angels & Archangels and various other divine beings.

Renowned for her detailed and accurate psychic visions, predictions and mediumship messages, Nousha can see spirits, passed over loved ones, guides, Angels & Archangels in 3D exterior to her in the room and using her third eye Nousha is shown vivid visions of the client’s life in the form of a full colour movie.

By having this gift of clairvoyance she is able to relay to the client the spirits physical attributes, such as age, build, features, hair colour, clothes, what they passed from, their personality and deliver important messages from their passed over loved ones and their special guidance on past, present and future events. 

Nousha can see, feel and is told about the people featured in the past, present and entering the client’s life in the future. This applies to all areas of the client’s life from love, work, family and more.

Nousha can describes a person’s height, build, eye colour, features, hair colour, style of clothing and further details of the person shown within the psychic vision.

Tapping into one’s mind, emotions and intentions, Nousha can convey how the client feels, or how another individual feels for the client. She sees specific scenarios and surroundings, using methods such as remote viewing to step into a clients home, place of work, or other location and describes the surroundings in great detail.

At the start of or during a reading, the client’s spirits enter the room to convey the important messages. Spirits will often state their relationship to the client. They may give first or last names, initials and describe experiences that they have previously shared with the client as a form of confirmation and validation. Nousha provides proof that the clients loved ones are still heavily present in their lives by delivering past, present and future messages which then come to fruition.

Clairaudience allows Nousha to hear spirits, guides, Angels, Archangels and divine energies exterior to her as if someone is stood in the room speaking to her, their voice can also be heard within Nousha’s mind, or they drop the messages and thoughts into her head.

Nousha can also sense a feeling on a person or situation in order to advise a client how best to move forward in their love life, work, business and other important aspects of their life. Nousha is shown the client’s chosen outcome and the different possible paths and scenarios if taken.

Able to read for a client using her mind and God given abilities alone, Nousha works with the guides, spirits, Angels and Archangels.

Nousha is an expert tarot and card reader. Able to read any client based on their voice vibrations, energy, face, or photo of their face. Seeing the client’s face alone, Nousha will be shown all of the significant people in the clients past, present and future. Nousha does not require your date of birth to carry out a reading. She only asks for a photograph of their face to begin tuning in with their energy and their first name in order to know who she is addressing in the reading. No other information is required. Nousha can discuss details about a significant person in the client’s life without knowing their specific name, seeing their photo, or hearing their voice vibrations.

Always reading for the purpose of guiding her clients towards their greatest happiness, Nousha helps them to make the best possible decisions.

Delivering timelines in the form of the number of days, months, years, the season, or the specific month or year and so forth, Nousha can see past, present, future and outcomes. Reading over any span of time, Nousha is not restricted to only see the next few months or year.

Readings are carried out online via audio telephone call. Nousha does not need to see the client on video call, or perform a face-to-face reading. Face-to-face readings or videos calls can be carried out as a special request.

A natural born spiritual and angelic healer, Nousha works with her healing guides, guides, spirits, Angels and Archangels to heal physical and emotional issues and blockages within a person or animal.

Obtaining the spiritual power to see all energies, Nousha is spiritually equipped to perform house clearings.

Nousha loves to hear clients from all over the globe return to her to describe the events and predictions that have come true.

Whether you’re wanting insight into past, present and future events occurring in your love life, wanting to know who you’ll date, marry, married life, children, career, who you can trust in business or at work, where you’ll be living, exploring various options within minor and major life events, or to hear from your passed over love ones for spirit messages and more, Nousha is your reader.

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Hi Nousha. I would just like to say how amazing your readings are you give me so much clarity and guidance, you know everything and I am more blown away by each reading. I have never been so surprised. I think you are an amazing person and the readings are so accurate and everything’s coming true, now and continues to do so, as things unravel and happen, mentioning about my family tree, and Australia, no one could of known that, that’s where he lives…you can literally read peoples minds. Thanks again, I always recommend you to anyone truly gifted xx

Been having readings from nousha for the last 3 years and honestly never ever had one wrong message. She knew my full life and every detail to a T even things no one knew. After 8 years of having ivy treatment and giving up hope she always seen a baby coming and wouldn’t change what she seen she even predicted the month I would find out I was pregnant and yes she was bang on 😯🙏🏻 . She told me names relating to my life, situations and future and so far all has happened her talent is endless and mind blowing 🔥 . 3 years of readings from nousha and some times I would say no can’t see that happening or no I’ve no plans for that and each time it happened she was always correct. I went from having what I expected to be a beverage reading to been speechless and blown away. Will not go anywhere else for my readings I’ve tried many many and none have described my life or been as accurate as nousha has. So thank you again and I look forward to many more ☺️💗

I am so amazed at my reading with you Psychic gems, everything you have said is coming true or already happened, truly an angel, thank you so much for you’re guidance I have pushed myself more and trying my best to stay strong. Can’t thank you enough, with you’re special gift. Gave me the clarity I needed xxx

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