Angelic Spiritual Healings

Nousha’s Healings can be a Divine experience.

Psychic Gems, Angelic Spiritual Healings with Nousha are accessible worldwide and are carried out remotely via WhatsApp or FaceTime audio call. Nousha can also provide text Healings for hearing impaired clients if requested.

Born with the gift of Healing, Nousha removes physical and emotional blockages.

Healing Prices

30 Minute Healing £105 GBP UK WhatsApp | FaceTime Audio Call
1 Hour Healing £195 GBP UK WhatsApp | FaceTime Audio Call

Estimated currency amounts, for more currency amounts, please contact Psychic Gems.

Nousha works with her healing guides, Angels, Archangels and the Divine to perform healings.

Healing Payment

Once the Healing date and time has been agreed and confirmed, please make payment at the point of booking to secure the session.

Payment Currency Conversions: The (£) GBP prices are the fixed amounts. The other currencies shown are approximate amounts. Paypal calculates the exact currency conversion amount that equates to the GBP amount at the time of payment. Psychic Gems heals client’s in all countries, even if your country’s currency is not shown.

Payment Options: International clients (outside of the UK) are requested to make payment via PayPal using ‘Pay for a Healing’. UK clients or client’s with a UK bank account have the option to pay via PayPal using ‘Pay for a Healing’ or via bank transfer and the banking details will be provided by a member of Psychic Gems Customer Service Team at the point of booking.