Solar Eclipse and Aries New Moon

Thursday 20th April 2023

Aries New Moon at 29°50′ synchronising with the rarest hybrid Solar Eclipse that only occurs a few times each century is creating fated chaos in our personal and work lives to force us to seek unexpected rewarding outcomes and better options. Embrace drastic changes to avoid being dragged from our comfort zone by challenging square aspect to Pluto ripping all control from our grips, a sacrifice crucial for us to evolve and our lives to truly begin.

A clear vision of how our current and future life ‘should’ look is firmly embedded in our minds, keeping us stagnant by resisting the significantly more favourable options that God and the Universe are waiting to deliver. Some of the people that we are about to encounter are heaven sent.

The moment we release control and disassociate from our fixed tunnel vision, we allow Universal energies and divine intervention to play their roll. Tests are being sent to break us down specifically our egos, to enable us to be built back up stronger, happier and more confident than ever. We can either continue to crumble and panic, or recognise the spiritual wake up call and opportunity.

Fixated often in our old habits and ways of thinking, we begin to believe that we categorically know who is our perfect potential partner and the criteria that they must match. Sometimes we don’t know our actual type until they unexpectedly cross our path. Drastic changes in our love lives spark a new whirlwind romance, or reconciliation, leaving unfulfilling and one sided connections with situationships and exes in the past. Many in relationships are or have just experienced a drastic break up which they did not foresee, leaving some with a desire to cut all ties and move forward and others holding on.

Couples in strong relationships will have other aspects of their lives tested. Sudden changes to living arrangements at the most inconvenient of times are sent to push us towards new energy and spaces, to open our eyes to long term plans and goals. Some may feel stuck in a particular location, because our person is local and divine intervention requires us to be in the surrounding area. For others a spontaneous trip ignites an encounter that places us in the direct path of an important soul connection meeting against all odds.

Various obstacles will be served. Short notice from our landlord to vacate a property due to it suddenly being bought, or if we’re the one selling our home or investment then it is time to release burdens, or create new memories in our new home and venture.

Endless planning goes on behind the scenes, trust that every challenge and occurrence is sent to teach us life lessons, or progress us towards our greater happiness. Search for the silver lining and purpose.

Friendships will also be challenged, resulting in us speaking up on questionable behaviour from superficial friends.

Reluctance or discouragement to invest in a new business, course or switch to a desired job or career when fearing the extent of risk, due to a lack of stability, the current climate and absence of self belief is only slowing down our destined plans. Follow your inner voice and intuition. Even if we choose to resist change, this New Moon and the Solar Eclipses’s energy will assert control and shake our stable foundations, fast tracking us. This can materialise through the form of dismissal, unexpected taxes and continuous financial outgoings.

Sometimes we have to be broken down to be rebuilt stronger than ever, especially when escaping the ego. Testing times provoke us to think smarter instead of working harder. The heightened determination within us, will help to fulfil our greatest goals and visions. Rejecting our intuition and feelings will provoke further signs to present themselves until we have no choice but to pay attention. Many successful people have experienced failure before their most profound breakthrough. Share your talent and ideas with the rest of the world. If you want to write that special book, start typing or pick up the pen. Every success story starts one optimistic thought of creation. Experiencing brain fog, feeling out of sorts, or doubting our capabilities won’t last long and we will return more focused and ready.

A positive fixed star inspires us to intuitively tackle the challenges we face. Getting creative and thinking strategically, disallows panic and fear to set in. When we force our life instead of allowing the energies to naturally flow, we restrict ourselves from endless possibilities and opportunities. Having a particular vision and being decisive is beneficial, but we can’t always see the bigger picture in all of its grandeur.

Often we strive for perfection and try to control how we are perceived because we are being driven by ego. What will people think? A need to sometimes prove ourselves through materialism and it is fine to be drawn to beautiful places and quality things, but we don’t need to portray a perfect perception of ourselves. Often people find the truth and vulnerability far more endearing so be careful not to get caught in the craziness of the rat race.

This New Moon is about tackling obstacles from a soulful level to serve our highest good.

Aries is conjunct Jupiter, but the most prominent aspect is the square to Pluto. The Solar Eclipse makes this New Moon substantially more powerful when it darkens the Sun. If the light at the end of the tunnel has faded, there is that glimmer of hope still shining through.

One key quality of this New Moon and Solar Eclipse is to stay calm despite the most unexpected of events. There’s nothing that you can’t handle, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening for you. This New Moon calms emotional balance, allowing all opportunities to be explored and discussed. 

Chaos and stress triggers fight or flight reactions. The calming energy of this New Moon and Solar Eclipse that spiritually connects us to all that cannot be seen or known, provokes an excited yet subtle confidence that everything is going to turn out exactly how it’s meant to. 

Fixed star Alrisha has a unifying significance and binds the two Piscean fishes together. Influencing us to recognise where we are going, what we want and with who.

Since the beginning of 2023 we’ve been dealt multiple tests, whether it be constant outgoings or obligations, making the year feel like it is flying by, but we’re going to continue to positively go with the flow.

The effects of this important Solar Eclipse lasts for 6 months. It’s the perfect time to start fresh, a new relationship, a new project or collaboration, moving into a new home, starting a fitness regime, whatever you desire. It affects all zodiac signs.

Leading up to this New Moon and Solar Eclipse many have reminisced over the past, mistakes, missed opportunities, feeling of guilt, harsh words and regrettable actions, but it is time to let go of the disappointments and regrets. We cannot move forward into a beautiful future when carrying past burdens that weigh down on our hearts. It’s a time to forgive everyone but most importantly forgive ourselves. Each day we are gifted the chance to do better. 

Whatever falls in the past is done and unchangeable, if we learn from the mistakes and choose to move forward with only the best intentions then the slate has been wiped clean. 

One mistake can consume us, whilst we disregard all of the kind and good deeds that we’ve done no matter how big or small for others. Now that we know better, we need to do better and allow ourselves to evolve. Since everything happens for a reason, there was reasoning behind even our mistakes to bring us to this very point in time and way of thinking.

Fixed star Mirach, a 2.1 magnitude star, whilst bringing challenges due to being square to Pluto, aids our ability to forgive, to be kind and sharpens our minds. It provokes happiness and love for ourselves and others. Don’t entertain Constellation Andromeda to discourage our perseverance.

This hybrid Solar Eclipse is a cosmic gift reenergising us with hope that everything is going to turn out exactly as it was intended, no matter the struggle. Embrace the challenges and changes to arrive at a more beautiful destination ahead. Keep trusting in that.

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