DOUBLE WHAMMY – Gemini Super Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde on the 3rd December!!!

  • 7th December 2017

The Gemini Super Full Moon is shining a glaring light on total truths. Gemini’s connection with speaking the raw truth is illuminating our deepest intentions, motivations and who we are at our core. The Full Moon is unmasking all delusions surrounding our most important relationships, focusing on romantic connections, family, friendships and work relations. The Super Moon makes the lunar energy twice as intense whilst Mercury Retrograde commands how and the speed in which this overwhelming energy is gifted to us. There is a battle between the energies of the Gemini Super Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde! The Gemini Full Moon will provide us with total clarity acting upon our intuition, whilst Mercury Retrograde will try provoke us to act irrationally based on ego without prior consideration. We are responsible for which of the two energies dominate! To allow a favourable shift in energy and to master the ability to manifest our wildest dreams in 2018, we…

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Happy Birthday Sagittarius!!!

  • 22nd November 2017

Lucky Sagittarius - 22nd November - 21st December Ruled by the planet of good fortune, JUPITER the largest planet in our Solar System will pull out all the stops to cosmically conspire to bestow good luck upon Sagittarius. This makes Sag the luckiest zodiac of all the signs! My Moon, Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius makes me feel a strong connection to Sagittarius and the prosperous energy that surrounds Sag! Our astrology is our unique soul map which is gifted to us at birth. Sagittarius is born with a magical ability to attract abundance and good fortune! Sagittarius should expect exciting gifts from Jupiter. If as a Sag you’re yet to experience Jupiter’s lucky touch, be patient as it will strike you when you least expect it! Sagittarius trusts in the power of miracles as they are protected and surrounded by overwhelming cosmic opportunity. This is why Sag is carefree and nonchalant, as they know the Universe is working in their favour. When Sagittarius pursues…

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October Full Moon in Aries ~ Oct 5th 2017

  • 5th October 2017

October Full Moon In Aries ~ 5th Oct It’s time to reclaim your POWER, INDEPENDENCE and UNIQUE SWAG! The Universe has been persistent in throwing obstacles your way to provoke a much needed and brutal reassessment of your soul and destiny. Aries rules the head, meaning clever self-intervention is being bestowed on you so that you acknowledge how far you have drifted from your authentic feisty and free spirit. The New Moon in Aries is the pinnacle time for us to take the reigns and steer our life into directions that we once never thought possible, exploring untrodden paths in love, career and other exciting aspects of our lives. Action is a must! Start building that empire! Be open to dating and giving love a chance, or re-spark a flame! Whatever you do make sure you do what excites you and brings back your fabulous self! We cannot allow one…

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Karmic Relationships

  • 20th April 2017

There are different types of spiritual relationships. Karmic, soul mate, twin flame… You can only ever have one twin flame. Soulmate relationships are karmic, yet not all karmic relationships are necessarily soulmate relationships. When you encounter someone whom you share a karmic relationship with, you will instantly feel a strong sense of familiarity. Experiencing a notion of finding something or someone you were unknowingly searching for. This is also found in twin flame and soul mate relationships. Many intuitively acknowledge that they have met this soul before. Their features, eyes, or even voice may appear overwhelmingly familiar. The relationship obtains great intensity and is amplified when involving a potential romantic relationship. A connection is shared beyond what is verbally spoken and done between one another. What some people fail to remember, is that not all things familiar are meant for you, or a positive influence in your life. If there…

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The Beauty You See In Me Is A Reflection Of You ~ Rumi

  • 16th April 2017

Always choose to see the good in people. Many say love can be blind, yet love doesn't prevent us from acknowledging faults, instead the true essence of helps us better practice forgiveness and understanding. Love ignites our ability to deeply recognise someone's authentic heart and intentions and strengthens our own faith and patience that love conquers all, even the greatest of egos.

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Pink Auspicious Full Moon in Libra

  • 10th April 2017

Pink Auspicious Full Moon in Libra. Tonight's beautiful Libra Full Moon will amplify our emotions when it comes to matters of love. Libra's essence radiates harmonious beauty and peace, with emphasis on relationships. It will propel us to get deeper in touch with our Higher Selves and practice forgiveness, understanding, empathise with other's and see situations through their eyes. The energy will help expel the need for judgement and instead is replaced with Libran balance. Since March 4th, Venus has been retrograde and is to go direct on April 15th. This explains why you've likely felt deflated after experiencing some elements of disharmony in your relationship or miscommunication. Tonight brings about a very welcome and loving cosmic shift of energy. Smoother paths are ahead as long as you are brave enough to be true to your heart and authentic feelings when it comes to love. No holding back, tonight is the…

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Mercury Is Retrograde 9th April ~ 3rd May 2017

  • 9th April 2017

It's here people! Today Mercury has gone retrograde! Yes communication is about to be turned upside down, chaos is about to be unleashed and confusion in the form of indecisiveness and doubts are about to corrupt our thoughts. HOWEVER, do not allow yourself to play victim! You are typically told not to overreact and avoid making impulsive decisions that you may regret. This may be my inner Leo speaking, but I personally say impulsive decisions are based on going after what you truly want. Make what you want happen! You need to look at this cosmic alignment from a different angle. It's not all uncontrollable havoc, even if you do need to control your emotions more than usual. It has the power to ignite genius ideas and inspiration. Allow deep thinking to take you wherever it may lead you and make sure you're prepared as always for the return of…

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You Are Powerful, Provided You Know How Power You Are

  • 7th April 2017

You are powerful, provided you know how powerful you are ~ Harbhajan Singh Khalsa You are the all powerful magician and master manifester. Realise all of the blessed elements of your being and know that there is only one of you in the entire Universe. Use your determined heart and spirit to create your wildest dreams and never acknowledge limitations. You are your only obstacle. The Universe demonstrates every day that nothing is impossible and what magic can occur with a positive and unwavering mindset. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Set your intentions and stop at nothing until they have been achieved. Do not tame your inner creative genius, or doubt the power of your willpower. You are divinely protected and much is destined, but it is you who can go above and beyond to change the world and your reality by following your…

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Somewhere Beyond Right and Wrong, There Is A Garden. I Will Meet You There ~ Rumi

  • 6th April 2017

Always choose love. Release the pain you may be harbouring and try to always be understanding, loving and forgiving. Your Higher Self has no ego. The ego is what prevents compassion and can delay the most loving hearts from reconciling. A good way to release your anxieties and connect with Source is to meditate and imagine yourself entering a beautiful garden. If you have been feeling a block in communication and the inability to tell someone how you feel, imagine the person in question waiting to greet you in the garden. Mentally tell this person everything that you have been finding difficult to express. Then say goodbye, leave the garden and slowly come out of your meditation. Subconsciously their Higher Self will receive these messages from Your Higher Self.

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Don’t Underestimate Me. I Know More Than I Say, I Think More Than I Speak & Notice More Than You Realise

  • 30th March 2017

Only you know the true brilliance of your own mind and vision. Keep your dreams close to you. If you want to share your next move, then be sure to only disclose to those most trusted and closest to you. People will always make assumptions, stereotype and try placing you into a box. Only yourself and God knows your authentic thoughts, intentions, heart and soul. Never allow someone else's ignorance to make you question yourself and your capability and worth. You can achieve anything you set your mind to if you have the overwhelming belief and willingness to work hard for it. You are allowed to change and grow. Make sure you surround yourself with the most loving and supportive people on your journey. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Allow them to witness you rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

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