New Moon in Aries

Tuesday 21st March 2023

The New Moon at 00°49′ Aries, square Mars pleads for you to be on your best behaviour, curbing any angry outbursts, or fixations on negative attributes. Drop the ego and dispel personal grudges to ensure that your energetic vibration remains at an elevated frequency to attract well deserved blessings. Being the bigger person stops actions and words sent to destroy your peace, from successfully provoking you. This New Moon holds you solely accountable for your own words, actions and intentions, the onus is on you. Igniting a battle between your ego and moral high ground. Forbid Mar’s challenging influences from compromising your good nature and reasoning. This New Moon’s connected aspects form a pattern known as a Large Learning Triangle […]

Full Moon in Virgo

Wednesday 7th March 2023

This Virgo Full Moon’s link to Uranus is forcing self-reflection and brutal honesty when reviewing your own actions, habits and boundaries, to instil major changes to free you from stagnation and unhealthy connections to achieve your desired outcomes.  Intense aspects to Venus and Uranus’ positive influences are causing a huge shake up that interrogates your romantic relationship or situationships, holding everyone involved and their behaviour accountable. Self-love and self-respect are key focuses during this moon phase. Feeling like you’ve lost your sparkle, craving the old you to return, or wanting a new and improved version of yourself to step forward? Now is the time to reintroduce and welcome the new, more confident you. Place yourself on top of the pedestal, […]

New Moon in Pisces

20th February 2023

Venus sextile Pluto sparks an obsessive passion and determination within, propelling your work goals and personal endeavours forward. This Pisces New Moon gifts you with the Midas touch. Anything that you authentically pour your heart and soul into, supported by sheer hard work and dedication will turn your projects and innovative ideas into an abundance of wealth.  Saturn’s alignment supports your ongoing or newfound quest to reach the pinnacle of success. Saturn reflects discipline and karma. The wisdom you’ve patiently acquired throughout your career ventures, talents and experience gained through crucial lessons have thrust you to this key point in time. Even your failures and disappointments have been necessary to establish your chosen path. Pisces New Moon positively affects all […]