New Moon in Gemini

Sunday 18th June 2023

The June New Moon at 26°43′ Gemini aligns with asteroid Juno. The ancient Romans named Juno the Moon goddess, Juno Covella. The energies of asteroid Juno fill our hearts with deep love and our minds with thoughts or memories of the one that we truly love. Those that are yet to meet their match will try to envisage their most desirable future partner. Juno emphasises serious partnerships, marriage and soul connections, regardless of the time shared or space unfilled. Juno represents matters of true love, soul mates and heartfelt romantic commitments. 

Individuals with true intentions in their love life, will have extra cosmic help during this time. God, the Angels, the Universe and our guides speak to us everyday through dreams, music, memories, emotions, gut feelings, names and other intricate signs. If there’s a sign to realign us back on to our path then they will find a way to reach us.

Romans named Juno Covella, yet Covella stems from the Latin word hollow which is descriptive of the New Moon’s thin crescent. Every month of the ancient Roman calendar was lunar and began with a New Moon. People that are most energetically sensitive and in tune with Universal energies feel a strong shift during the occurrence of a New Moon. Ceremonies were held by Romans on the first day of every month to commemorate Juno. Everything cosmic that has been divinely created possesses its own unique energy, just like each and every one of us.

Juno connects to reproduction and pregnancy, so unexpected or long awaited pregnancies are to be expected. Whether these come as a shock or not, they can bring immense joy. Whilst trying to navigate this whirlwind try to go with the flow. 

Neptune provokes overwhelming current circumstances and the feeling that life is quickly passing us by, only adding to our daily pressures, but remind yourself that everything in life happens for a reason and that there’s no such thing as perfect timing, only divine timing.

Some will feel stretched beyond their financial means, unexpectedly lose their job, panicking over business risks, or be in the midst of a breakup, whatever the stressful situation that you are handling, life is like a see-saw and when we hit rock bottom or low points, it is temporary and you will always come back up, making the highs even sweeter. The journey and your strength in character is everything. Don’t give up, because the end goals will be worth your persistence and closed doors are often blessings in disguise, pushing us towards even better opportunities. 

In love, whilst some experience unfair delays, for two people to come together within an existing or new connection, every factor needs to synchronistically align for both parties. The energy for everyone involved must be balanced, particularly regarding matters of reconciliation, so push away negative thoughts and upsets attempting to throw you off your alignment and instead simply trust in the connection and your future happiness.

Nostalgia fills the air and important separations will be placed at the forefront of our minds. Real connections that were divided are more likely to resurface and rekindling is a very strong potential, but yet again divine timing has a vital role to play, so feel light and hopeful that the best relationship for you will enter whether it be with a person from your past or future. 

Experiencing deep reflection and past regrets will be temporary as our thoughts will direct us back to better times, transforming the energies to feel lighter, more loving and hopeful. Once viewed as huge misunderstandings, it will start to feel irrelevant and fade away. Our intuition and emotions will be drawn towards the most real connection that we have experienced and the one that we miss.

The June New Moon lasts for four weeks and affects all zodiac signs in varying degrees, not only Gemini. Releasing stubbornness, anger and ego brings us closer to God and the Universal energies and spiritually benefits us by becoming more in tune and allowing the energies in our life to flow instead of placing blocks. One bad thought can spiral out of control, so try to manage your thoughts and emotions. If praying on anything, or trying to manifest a situation into your life, ensure that you are ready to receive what you are praying for since your authentic intentions hold all of the power. Subconsciously if you are telling yourself that you’re not ready, or that the timing isn’t right then your manifestation will be put on pause. Instead do everything within your control to prepare and place yourself in the best possible position and mindset to put you back on track to receive your prayer.

Asteroid Juno energies are igniting your intuition so that you unquestionably know who is and who isn’t the one for you. Through a dream, high emotions, or even a day dream, you will gain better clarity. A clear mind will allow you to navigate any fog and confusion. Searching for the answers and seeking out people’s authenticity is not necessary, people are very quick to show their true intentions and feelings without consciously realising. This is a pinnacle time to work towards your highest good and happiness and if a few people need to be cleared from your path, so be it.

Aiming to strengthen an existing relationship, resolve a separation, or searching for a real love, then call on Archangel Daniel and his angelic presence. Whilst true love and strong connections are being brought closer together, dishonesty and deception will be highlighted within more superficial relationships and connections during a Juno New Moon. Uncovering secrets and affairs can be difficult, but during this time trust your gut feeling and the proof will soon be validated. Some will be experiencing relationship issues if one or more of the individuals in the partnership is unhealed.

Break ups won’t only derive from deception and lies, but many will be analysing how they have been and are treated. Indecisiveness is unfavourable, make a choice and decide where to place your focus, avoid splitting your energy to dodge unnecessary complications. The power of the mind is powerful and can shift stagnant energy and anything is possible if you can change your diminishing vibration. Take back control of all important matters in your life, including love. Expect the most unexpected of communication.

The interfering energy of Neptune provokes misunderstandings. Reiterate your intentions, explaining your actions as an attempt to dissolve issues and any misconceptions. Avoid misinterpretation from ruining strong and trustworthy work and family relationships. Unspoken disagreements should be discussed to find a resolution. Open communication will combat Neptune’s obstructions. Aim to give people the benefit of the doubt before reaching hasty conclusions. Truthfulness and transparency is vital to achieve harmony and beneficial opportunities for all involved.

Fixed star Al Hecka, combined with Neptune and Juno  draws attention to controlling or toxic relationships. Mercury sextile Venus allows for better communication skills and for anyone experiencing these types of relationship dynamics to express what they are experiencing to a close and trusted person. The individual involved will find it easier to open up about the situation and their inner feelings, as they desire change. Jupiter sextile Saturn helps anyone feeling trapped in a confined relationship to acquire better judgement to take the necessary action to best remove themselves from the scenario, for them to experience a brighter, freer and happier future.

Jupiter sextile Saturn allows us to remain balanced, positive and logical, based on our experience and intuition. This interim time frame before goals really start to materialise requires focus and patience. Whilst many may feel extremely tested and want to give up, it’s in your favour to keep going. You didn’t come this far, to only come this far. You will thank yourself later for not giving up on yourself and everything that you are working towards. Do everything in your power to make matters align with your plan, but know when to allow energy to flow by trusting this current point in your journey.

Spending time with family or planning a short trip will help ground you, inspire and provide the energy that you have been lacking. You can’t work 24 hours in a day without any time to think and process the bigger picture, operating on zero energy reserve. A conversation or walk outside in nature is enough to spark an idea.

Creativity and a passion for your work and hobbies will be at an all time high. Artists and musicians will be hearing melodies and lyrics in their dreams, as if they dropped out of the sky. Dancers will have endless ideas for choreography and will find inspiration in a plethora of genres. Actors and actresses will go above and beyond to honour a role and writers will write from the heart. Spiritual workers will be delving deeply into meditation, or spiritual practices to uncover further spiritual abilities, tapping into a higher vibration and building even stronger connections with their Angels and guides. We will be more drawn towards delving into the subjects and hobbies that we love and grow increasingly more frustrated towards mundane routines and jobs which solely offer financial gains and drain our energy. Whilst for most these jobs are necessary, try not to lose yourself in the mix and try to allocate some time for your interests. Keep the bigger picture and your purpose at the forefront of your mind to spur you on.

It’s an incredible time for spiritual enlightenment and selfless charity work. Great levels of empathy will enable us to connect to others on a deeper level. 2023 has been extremely testing for most, yet we mustn’t give up hope and sight of what we are trying to achieve. Each test makes us stronger and more agile and is intentionally placed in our path. Arising problems train us to think smarter and to remain calm instead of instinctively rushing to a place of panic.

Over the last month it may feel like you’ve taken 2 steps forward and 10 steps back, but persistence is vital and will later be rewarded. Endless tests, detours and obstructions allow us to access the knowledge and wisdom that we have accumulated over the last few years, making us more intuitive and equipped to set us free from any constraints that we or others place on us. Spiritually evolving, we are ready to step into the next exciting chapter.

New Moon square Neptune can attempt to interrupt your flow of dedication and motivation. Don’t let it. Keep reminding yourself of the end results to sustain your will power, whether it’s following a fitness regime, building a business, experiencing a loving relationship, or getting through hard times. Frustrations are rife when temporarily experiencing the feeling of losing your vitality. Neptune will play on any insecurities and feelings of guilt, but we must overcome this and stay on track. You are allowed to feel out of sorts and lower on energy some days as long as you pull yourself back and pay attention to your energy and moods. Irritations that have built over the last few weeks and any feelings of negativity, despite being an extremely positive person, will shift as the road ahead is being cleared.

Meditation will reground you, and offer hidden answers and solutions without force. Try not to panic as help will be offered from all angles, earthly and heavenly.

The chosen crystal to compliment the energies of this beautiful and hopeful June New Moon is Sugilite. Sugilite helps to alleviate worries and replace negative thoughts with those of hope and positive emotions. Spiritually in tune people will experience a feeling of exhilaration during this New Moon.

The chosen Angel that best aligns with the energies of the June New Moon is Archangel Daniel, the Principle Guardian Angel, the Angel of marriage and Universal love. Daniel guides us on the right path towards the most harmonious relationship, marriage and assists us in all matters involving love. Archangel Daniel heals us by reminding us of our inner strength and brings in a feeling of peace and endless opportunities.

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