New Moon in Taurus

Friday 19th May 2023

The New Moon at 28°25′ Taurus, sextile Mars and linked to Jupiter square Pluto, creates the most important planetary aspect to occur in 2023. Recent exhaustion, inspirational blocks and lack of dedication towards personal and work goals will finally be lifted by this powerful planetary aspect that amplifies your ambition, focus and places you back on your path. The opposing negative influences of the New Moon will have some people and groups contemplating fast-tracking their success through ruthless actions and unethical means.

Gracefully become so heavily involved in your growth and elevating your life by focusing on your own happiness and refining your goals, by removing draining and lingering distractions. You can change the narrative of your life whenever you choose, with purposeful dedication and foresight. Many have recently fallen victim to unjustified judgement, yet cruel words can sometimes drive you to become more self-reliant and self-confident, so that no one can shake you. Many have had a knock to their confidence and should use this lunar energy to fix whatever is causing them concern, to place themselves back in control.

If you become unaligned every time someone throws savage words and assumptions your way, then try to remove your emotions from the equation and work harder, do better and learn how to drown out the noise. The only one you have to prove anything to, is yourself. The Taurus New Moon provokes an increased desire to prove people wrong, or positively shock the critics and most importantly yourself. If you have been wounded by a break-up and unforgiving words, used and crossed in business, feeling undervalued at work, or going through challenging friendships and family relationships, let this New Moon drive you to remember who you are and recognise your full potential. The notion of being an underdog will only increase your drive to succeed and to transform your vision into something bigger than you first envisaged. T-Square aspect pattern, formed by Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, provokes fortunate outcomes when taking bold yet calculated action in work and your personal life. 

Multiple linked aspects and fixed stars create extreme charged energy that can be advantageous or detrimental, depending on your ability to hold your composure, how you strategise, combined with dedicated perseverance towards your goals and strength to rise above people and situations sent to lower your vibration and headspace. It’s important to remain in control and avoid others’ words and actions from infiltrating your energy and self-esteem. Try to steer clear of temporarily tarnishing your good character with an impulsive response by acting out of frustration, when addressing an individual’s devious and scheming actions. 

Mars square Jupiter will see many craving changes and a strong desire to carve a different outcome to the one that they have been settling for. Approach situations during this New Moon in a logical and mature manner to achieve your desired outcome. Many people and situations that you have outgrown will no longer make the cut. Be loyal, but not at the detriment of remaining loyal to yourself.

Resist the egotistical energy of Jupiter square Pluto, if you are granted the opportunity to seek revenge or to humble someone that has wronged you in love, business, or family then aim to take the high road. Mars opposite Jupiter may cause some to go to great extremes to win and achieve, but any form of bullying and intimidation from others will be brought to light. Work with the New Moon’s highly charged energy to succeed. Anyone in work or your personal life that is using underhand tactics and lies to get ahead will trip themselves up and be exposed.

Jupiter square Pluto will find Pluto eradicating greed and moral actions concocted by Jupiter. Jupiter will be exposing many peoples shadow side, so refrain from falling victim to Jupiter. Algol, Constellation Perseus provokes intelligent strategising, but also proneness to lie. Algol, the most evil star in the heavens, will start exposing those with disingenuous intentions. Fixed star Alcyone can trigger temporary misfortune, so remain calm and focused to overcome Alcyone.

New Moon sextile Mars provokes you to rid an outdated mindset which has blocked your progression in all aspects of your life. Instead welcome purposeful change. Whilst the planetary aspects and moon phases can interfere with our moods and energy, you are always in control of your mind and behaviour. Now is the perfect time to use this fresh burst of energy to start a healthy new fitness regime, establish a new business or hobby, improve current work matters, or detach from a draining relationship to allow a healthier and happier connection to enter your life.

When you invest in yourself and prioritise your wellbeing, a feeling of self-worth and confidence is heightened. As we reach mid 2023, ensure that this year acts as a catalyst and gives you direction. It’s now or never. You can always talk yourself out of a responsibility or risk and tell yourself that the timing isn’t right, but be brave and don’t succumb to regret.

New Moon trine Pluto brings an element of intensity to assist whatever you set your mind to. A curiosity to learn will find you delving deep into a subject matter that intrigues you and turn a hobby into a potential business opportunity. Even if the subject is new to you, let your passion guide you. Intuitive people who work within the spiritual realm will find themselves gaining advanced spiritual knowledge through vivid visitations, messages and experiences. Whatever you are doing, practice and do it to the best of your ability. The old processes don’t necessarily mean that they are correct.

Jupiter square Pluto is the most significant influence on the Taurus New Moon. Achieving power and influence is likely, many will be fixated on money and how quickly they can reach their objectives. Greed and ruthlessness is personified but try not to lose yourself in the mix in the pursuit of success. Instead everyday focus on constant improvement and maintain your curiosity and love the journey just as much as the outcome. To stay inspired and passionate, avoid solely focusing on results and only on what you get out of the situation and ask what you can contribute to others and what is the deeper purpose that fulfils you at your core. Remember to rejuvenate and take time out to restore your mind and energy.

The New Moon sextile Mars should be utilised to manifest your greatest goals and there are enough fortunate aspects to receive blissful happiness. The New Moon in the middle of Algol and Alcyone, gives opportunity to some morally corrupt people and groups to fulfil selfish and manipulative intentions. This New Moon is provoking a battle against you and all of the elements, people and situations sent to throw you off track. Those less evolved will be unable to control their self-centred and toxic ways. Spiritual warfare and hidden agendas always come to light. Follow your moral compass and own intuition. There are many factors that will be extremely revealing during this New Moon.

New Moon sextile Neptune allows those of us that are progressively growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally to thrive, strengthening intuitive thinking, questioning everything on a deeper level and increasing empathy. Remain true to yourself and the future that you visualise and keep working toward this, no matter what distractions are being thrown your way. You have the strength and vision to create something unique and spectacular for yourself and others.

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