New Moon in Aries

Tuesday 21st March 2023

The New Moon at 00°49′ Aries, square Mars pleads for you to be on your best behaviour, curbing any angry outbursts, or fixations on negative attributes. Drop the ego and dispel personal grudges to ensure that your energetic vibration remains at an elevated frequency to attract well deserved blessings. Being the bigger person stops actions and words sent to destroy your peace, from successfully provoking you. This New Moon holds you solely accountable for your own words, actions and intentions, the onus is on you. Igniting a battle between your ego and moral high ground. Forbid Mar’s challenging influences from compromising your good nature and reasoning.

This New Moon’s connected aspects form a pattern known as a Large Learning Triangle with a mission for you to actively seek harmonious outcomes through your ability to problem solve. Where there’s a will there’s a way. A Large Learning Triangle is created by a mix of a blue sextile, red square, and green quincunx aspect, activating your fight or flight response. Personal progression and your ability to grow from a testing time is based on your internal attitude and perspective. Recognising the hidden blessings and opportunities that can arise from conflict after being extremely tested, allows lessons to be understood on a deeper level and for you to spiritually and emotionally evolve. When you’re a prisoner of your own mind and thoughts, you often fail to spot the hidden lessons and innovative new ways of thinking, instead missing the point of spiritual tests in their entirety. Challenges are necessary to push you to the next level of your own consciousness. There’s nothing that you aren’t equipped enough to handle.

Keeping your composure is encouraged by the harmonious sextile to Pluto, enabling you to access the experiences learnt from previous tumultuous situations. Commit yourself to a decision or action to seek resolve in any difficult situation. There is most often always a solution. Mars quincunx Pluto, emphasises the importance of willpower when navigating your way out of testing times and sticky situations.

Put yourself back on top and in a position to start fresh with a new improved mindset. Rid any regrets from your psyche as there is no space for doubtful thoughts to drag down your plans and future visions, only constructive thinking. Mars quincunx Pluto fills you with an immense desire to achieve your greatest dreams and goals. Dedicate yourself to one goal at a time, in order to avoid spreading yourself too thin, specialise in what you set out to do instead of becoming a Jack of all trades and master of none. Now is not the time for mediocre contribution and efforts.

The Aries New Moon square Mars can create a whirlwind of impatient, irritable and resentful energy. You are only human and it is natural to feel all of the spectrum of emotions, however, your mind should direct and transmute these emotions towards your hard work and creative outlets. Master your own mind and you can catch a negative thought or feeling before it materialises and adds to your demise. Transmute energy to work in your favour. Frustrated with a person or a situation, change and direct these emotions into determination to contribute to your success. You can have the last laugh in many different ways, whilst maintaining your integrity and character.

Manipulative or deceitful behaviour to get ahead will always be detrimental to you in the end. If you feel like you are drifting towards being this way inclined to seek personal revenge, to prove a point, or to propel yourself forward immorally, centre yourself immediately and remember who you are at your core. Maintain control over your thoughts and actions. Pure intentions are always rewarded in the end.

This New Moon, the sun conjunct the moon triggers another new 28 day cycle. Energy and innovative thinking is sparked and balanced is restored to your emotions and outlook. There’s no better time to begin a new chapter and action plan than the beginning of spring when everything is blooming.

Step outside of your comfort zone and consider how quickly life flashes by. Enjoy your time and experiences with those who are most important. Shock yourself and allow a change in your attitude and perspective for the better. A feeling of stagnation is an indicator that you have stopped growing, appreciate all that you have, whilst living in the moment. Refrain from trying to control every element of your life and instead direct this sense of discipline towards your goals. You are complex with different elements to your personality, allow your strengths to rise to the surface and how to work these attributes in your favour. If you feel like you’re lacking, go out and get inspired!

A new way of thinking and a wish to find resolve, helps you to achieve what your heart most desires. Whether it’s identifying issues and healing a relationship, strategically changing tactics within your business to provoke greater success, increasing your confidence by dedicating yourself to a transformative exercise and healthy eating regime, whatever it is, don’t deprive yourself from reaching your greatest potential. Anything you do, give it your full heart and dedication. 

Constellation Pegasus fuels your enthusiasm, intuition and ambition. To avoid bad judgement take advantage of these elements whilst combining your intuition and logic to decipher the best plan of action forward.

This Aries New Moon is the final phase within the eclipse cycle that started with the October 2022 Solar Eclipse. The personal and professional obstacles that were presented over the last few months are coming to a point of completion. Coming out of a dark patch in time, you can now see light at the end of the tunnel.

The uphill battles you have faced within romance, friendships, finances, and within your overall happiness have directed you to this very moment and equipped you to make decisive choices about where your future is headed. The sacrifices and planning that have and are being implemented will ensure stability and rewards in the months and year ahead. Religiously saving and avoiding splurging, releasing draining relationships, or becoming dedicated to your health and wellbeing, whatever you put your mind to, it takes one committed thought to transform your life.

The chosen crystal for this New Moon is Yellow and Golden Opal. Igniting your solar plexus, it intensifies your intuition to decipher what will bring you the greatest happiness and illuminates the beauty in every situation, no matter how challenging it may be. Yellow and Golden Opal promotes your desire to find the solution and restores your faith that everything will work out perfectly and as planned.

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