New Moon

21st January 2023

A Spark of Genius!

The Aquarius New Moon demands your finest, most evolved character traits that have been finely tuned by the endless lessons served to you over the last 12 months, to rise to the surface ready to propel you into this incredible next chapter of fated encounters and opportunities. 

Mercury quincunx Mars, sharpens your mind provoking clear thinking and self acknowledgment of your greatest potential and purpose. Brilliant ideas will drop into your head as if they have been divinely gifted to you. This mixed with the combination of this New Moon’s burst of driven and motivated energy will see masterpieces and unique visions turn from critical thinking into action and reality.

You are being presented with the possibility to set yourself up for life, it only takes one great idea and the determination to carry it through. A key lesson learned is for you to talk less and quietly create the ultimate life that you envisage yourself. You have already been shown or about to be exposed to what is possible for you. You really can have it all.

This year you will manifest great achievements through strategic thinking, whilst holding your most valued ideas close, until they are perfected and ready to be shared with the world. After a slow start to January 2023, the second half of the month has quickly picked up pace, inspiring productivity and determination.

This year you have nothing to prove to anyone else and absolutely everything to prove to yourself! As a result, people who underestimated you, or those who assumed that you had fallen off the radar will quickly understand exactly where you’ve been applying your energy and what you’ve been conspiring behind the scenes. Laser focus is a necessity to ensure that your plans come to fruition and all distractions that appear in the form of draining relationships, friendships or unhealthy boundaries must be pushed aside as you have too much work to accomplish.

The January 21 2023 New Moon located at 01°32′ Aquarius, is directly aspected to Jupiter (sextile) and Pluto (conjunct). Mercury quincunx Mars has a far more significant effect on this New Moon. This New Moon calls for self reflection, not only considering your own behaviour and habits but also of others, some that you have held in too high regard for too long. Heightened thinking and clarity is going to knock a few people off the pedestal that you built for them and the veil will be dropped exposing true characters, behaviours and situations that have passed.

You will take people at face value, no more excuses, nothing but the truth. All delusions can be left at the door. You cannot fool yourself, the truth will always come to light whether you want to face it or not, knowledge and truthful observations brings power, closure and releases you from your own entrapment. What and who you once thought you wanted, could easily change under the influence of this New Moon and its truths. You hold yourself in high regard and will not allow any form of disrespect. Your boundaries and situations have been reexamined.

Enter this year with the potential for numerous blessings and do not block them from entering your life by holding on to any resentment or disappointment. Forgive, your heart needs to be light and your mind needs to be free to allow the energy to flow. Every thought carries an intention and when that energy is released into the Universal atmosphere it is directed to where you have sent your focus. Energy always returns, therefore you have control over what you send out and what you receive back. See this New Moon and year as a clean slate. 

Luck, fortune and fated interactions are on your side, the New Moon aligning with the stars like a Mercury quincunx Mars energy will make sure of it, if your intentions are in the right place. Whilst there are many events and factors unravelling across the globe that contribute to added obstacles and worries, there is still an air of hope and excitement. There are many situations out of your control, master how to guide your own mind, keep your thoughts positive and believe that when you least expect it that occurrences shall happen that will restore your faith in the spiritual and synchronistic world. You might be sent someone unexpectedly who is finally deserving of you, or an opportunity presents itself that you have been working towards for years. 2023 feels different and lucky.

This is not the time for careless risk taking, you’re smarter than that. Whilst it is important to base decisions on an intuitive and overpowering gut feeling, ensure that you also have crystal clear thinking to navigate your moves like a game of chess, to explore all potential hugely favourable outcomes and those that will hinder you later on. You are called to be decisive and many choices are to be made, including important business decisions, which partner to choose and where you place your focus.

Reckless actions should be monitored to avoid needless accidents. Mars conjunct fixed star Ainat 08°47′ Gemini provokes those with aggressive natures to act irresponsibly with high consequences and others will feel braver and more spontaneous. This star connects to sudden events, so move forward with planned intentions and foresight to avoid unfavourable outcomes.

Mercury conjunct fixed star Facies at 08°36′ Capricorn brings a burst of extreme focus and motivation. Whilst on your individual mission to greatness and building your envisaged empire, do it with kindness, show consideration to others and avoid ruthless impulsive decisions. Remain grounded, the good energy and thoughts that you put into the world will come back to you in many different forms.

In life you often have endless opportunities to rectify situations or start over, whilst with other decisions you have one chance, so make sure that you choose wisely with a clear head. You may have been set on an outcome or a chosen path or person and within the last few days experienced a total U-turn in your thought process. Your mind needs to be strong and decisive. Know exactly who and what you want. Once you make your decision the Universe picks up your subconscious request and runs with it. Do not give false directions to create more confusion. What you ask for now will be served to you, so be careful of what you wish for.

It’s the perfect time for a fresh start and a new mindset. Set your intentions, goals, key priorities and imagine your best life. Then put yourself in a position to fulfil your wishes, apply the necessary hard work, dedication, networking, take a new class, expose yourself to meeting new people, whatever your biggest wants for this year are, put in the groundwork and the rest is up to God and the Universe.Your contribution is extremely important, but so much is also destined. There is a balance. Blessings and opportunities can only appear and thrive within the right positive vibration. You need to believe that this is your game changing year, the year that will positively shock you.

Whilst the New Moon resides in Aquarius, it is found between Constellations Sagittarius and Capricorn. These do not perfectly align. Beta Sagittae has the most powerful impact on this New Moon over Beta Cygni. Sagittae the Arrow and Cygnus the Swan are vital aspects of this New Moon.

The Arrow plants brilliant ideas that could potentially grow into the start of an empire, a best hits album, or changing of an industry. Your mind should feel sharp. It is a perfect time to pass on knowledge through teaching and it provokes inspiration. Now is the time to learn and broaden your horizons to spark your potential. Many will likely feel inspired to write and share their experiences and story. The shadow side that infiltrates this New Moon is heightened irritability and thoughts or acts of jealousy from those that possess these detrimental qualities, if not controlled. If you are this way inclined then stop looking exterior to yourself as you’re only wasting your own talents whilst trying to replicate others.

Those with quick tempers must monitor their anger or they will land themselves in trouble and crises. This month likely will have you feeling overwhelmed with never ending jobs to fulfil on your to do list, but a stressed and panic mind is problematic and provokes unnecessary anxiety. The solutions to your problems require calm and clever thinking. It’s never as bad as you envisage and panicking is a waste of precious energy. Regroup and return stronger. You are being called to be assertive, you are more equipped for any challenges that face you than you know.

There’s chaos before beautiful and unexpected events and surprises. You’ve got yourself out of worse situations before.

The one person in 2023 that is responsible for making you the happiest that you can possibly be, is yourself. You are taking back all control that you have willingly handed to others and will remain loyal and loving to those who have stood by you and deserve it most. Dedicate your focus to your goals and beautiful future. This New Moon you can either allow your talents to thrive and your sharpness of mind to light the way ahead in all aspects of your life, or choose to ignore the crucial lessons. The decision is always yours, let your mind and intuition guide you.

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