Full Moon in Leo

Sunday 5th February 2023

The energetic block is finally broken fuelling an unexpected and divinely conspired chance encounter that leads to the most  important and lasting love connection. You will find yourself in the right place at the exact right time.

Brace for dramatic changes in your love life due to the Full Moon being square Uranus. New beautiful connections are about to spark up and existing struggling relationships will have the cracks illuminated. Many will be shocked at the level of their emotional detachment felt towards their partner, ex, situationship and complicated love connections. Even if you previously placed these individuals on a pedestal and you were emotionally all in.

Patiently, you’ve been waiting on matters particularly of love, or work to develop. If you have a stubborn and unwavering mindset that surrounds a particular person or situation, expect a major U-Turn in your thinking. A swift change in your direction and new-found wishes will even shock you!

The planetary energy in 2023 is fast paced, decisive and driven, in comparison to 2022’s feeling of stagnation. Good fortune and exciting opportunities are on the horizon and a shift in energy has been present since the end of January 2023 onwards. A wake up call is being delivered that will change your outlook and set you back on track, just before you start to lose all hope. The future will look different to what you have persistently envisaged for yourself and it will be even better than you first imagined.

You are allowed to change your mind. Don’t remain loyal to people or situations that distances you from yourself and your purpose. When you have to prove your worth, you have forgotten your value. Once you have outgrown a person or situation and every possible path and solution has been explored then you need to redirect your focus and a different outcome is necessary. Dedication to a special person or connection is admirable, but when the scales of effort have been vastly lopsided for a significant amount of time, you will eventually run out of fuel, whether you resist it or not. Never wait on anybody that takes your loyalty for granted or does not reciprocate your energy.

Venus square Mars will challenge relationships if the cracks have already appeared. Intimate relationships will be shaken. Any issues will arise to the surface as Leo’s energy is impatient and honest. There will be zero sugar-coating. Venus square Mars demands relationship drama. Everyone is being awoken, no matter their circumstances.

Prepare for your comeback! Your sparkle is returning and you’ll feel like you’ve got yourself back. Sometimes we need to work hardest on the relationship that we have with ourselves, because we are worth it. Only you are present in your own mind and can visualise the full extent of your own potential. This is not the year to be letting other people lead your life. Yes, constructive criticism and advice is useful, but what you say goes.

In 2023 you are evolving into the very best and most confident version of yourself. A little bit of Leo ego, will have you feeling like you deserve the world and will put you back on track to receive everything that you have patiently waited on, prayed on and have worked hard to accomplish. Luck is now on your side and everything is flowing forward. You will even look into learning new skills, hobbies and fully step out of your comfort zone.

Expect your attention to drastically shift, you will not follow your usual emotional patterns. This Full Moon provokes much self-awareness and will also have you assessing past situations and the behaviour of others and their commitment within your love life and friendship circles. Sometimes a person’s effort really is a reflection of their interest, whether they regret their decision later or not, by then you’ll have elevated. Accept what you are shown and move forward accordingly, with the belief that everything is happening for you, not against you.

God, The Universe and the Angels could be blocking advancements because someone else who may or may not currently exist in your mind, is a far better match for you. This can also apply to job applications, travel delays and more. Trust and you will receive everything that you desire in your heart that you can’t always put into words, or may not fully comprehend at this exact moment.

Major positive changes are surging ahead for you. If you have given up hope on a certain outcome occurring, don’t give up so easily, the Leo Full Moon energy will ensure that the best possible outcome plays out.

A drive to feel independent and to push your career or business forward is heightened. Recognise that self-love and independence is vital for you to evolve spiritually & mentally and needed to establish solid foundations for an equal and healthy relationship to grow. If you have given too much power away or haven’t committed enough to your own goals, which would have led to personal and financial freedom, do not worry. You’re never too late to step back on the path that destiny has planned for you. At any point you can call back your power and change direction in all aspects of your life.

This Leo Full Moon hands a dose of tough love, sent to wake you up. It is not the time to crumble and regret the decisions and behaviour that has led you to this point, whether you are experiencing an unequal power struggle within your relationship, settling or coasting in your love life without purpose, or devoted too much time to a one-sided connection, everything happens for a reason and people are meant to reveal their intentions, so that you can learn the lessons and figure out exactly what and who you do want.

Exciting encounters and opportunities are about to enter your life. If a person or situation has been holding back your growth, it is time for drastic action and decision making. You will no longer allow yourself to stay trapped.

You must have a level of composure even though you are being catapulted forward. T-square influences your quick decision making. You will act on impulse first and consequences will follow, so remember to use your intuition. Keep a clear head in order to make the wisest decisions, whilst being swept up in this magical energy.

Leo is a fiery and optimistic sign that is determined to make their dreams into a reality. Use this energy to manifest exactly what and who you want to enter your life. Leo does not settle in life, or to be scared of limitations and obstacles. Be open minded, do not be set on what you’re used to or your typical type. A new love interest that is the complete opposite of the one that you were once drawn towards might just sweep you off your feet. The moment your own energy shifts and you are truly ready for someone new to enter your life, they will appear. If single or in a complicated relationship scenario, expect a secret admirer to become more apparent. If you have found yourself in a Twin Flame relationship, the tables and roles are finally turning.

Expect peculiar events to occur. If your love life has been none eventful, everything is about to stir. The new changes are exciting and those who feel most intuitive will feel like a major event is about to occur in their life. It could be the start of a budding romance that is long overdue. Pay attention to intuitive messages that you receive in your own dreams or meditations, through songs, or that are sent to you in the form of signs, or other individuals planted in your path to deliver a clear message.

The choice is yours, you will be provided with options to ensure that you get exactly what you want. You could meet someone special that you feel an instant and spiritual connection towards that isn’t easily explained. Be careful what you wish for, what and who you thought you wanted might quickly change once you’re shown better. This Moon’s energy will influence you to want to close a lingering chapter, involving moving on from an ex, looking for another job that offers more progression, or dissolving an unsteady business partnership. Time to push yourself to the next level.

Networking and important connections are to develop within your business and work. Talented and gifted individuals are being sent to help you. All the missing pieces are coming together and the wheel of fortune is now turning in the right direction and at a swift pace. There’s an impactful change sent to push you on your journey to accomplish everything that you’ve ever wanted.

The Full Moon located at 16°40′ Leo, square Uranus, unleashes energy that cannot be controlled or recalled. Intentions will be forceful and highly charged. There will be a strong urge to make  impulsive decisions, but try to resist and stay level headed when being guided by your own intuition. Remember you cannot control every situation, let the energy guide you to where it flows, much is destined.

Whilst the Leo Full Moon sits in the middle of Leo, it’s placed between varying signs, Constellations Cancer and Leo. The energy surrounding the present stars in the Draco and the Head of Leo which take on Saturn and Mars like qualities, provokes heartlessness, loss of friends and even adultery. Life could be turned upside down. Unexpected break ups and new couplings are on the agenda.

Constellation Leo connects to shifts that cause impact on a bigger scale. Your personal life will be positively impacted. It provokes extremes in energy, there is no middle ground. You will make forceful decisions. Star Menkar portraying Saturn-like qualities is sent to test an individual to mould them into what and who they need to be for this next chapter of their life. Call back all control. 

Life is about to become very interesting! An energetic epiphany will make you finally see the bigger picture and realise that all this time you’ve been greatly protected. The stars are aligning for you, expect the unexpected and witness how God’s plan is about to unfold.

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