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Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse in LEO ~ 31st January 2018

Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse – 31st January 2018!!!
The Major Personal Awakening and Life’s Turning Point!!!

This Super Moon falling in the sign of LEO is filling the atmosphere with Leo’s intense determination to achieve our greatest goals, the confidence to realise that we can manifest the ultimate life we desire and most importantly the authenticity to live by our heart’s desires.

It’s an insanely powerful moment in time, especially in the days running up to, after and during the Super Moon. This incredible shift affects us all not just Leo’s, as we take on the energy of the Queen and Kings of the jungle!

Leo’s ruler the Sun shines immense power and charisma over us. Leo is a fixed sign, so although many think that Leo does not look upon change fondly, Leo is unstoppable and has the fiery spirit to tackle whatever life throws at them!

Leo’s ability to connect with their inner wisdom and heart will not allow us to settle for anything less than our ideal life, career, relationship and so much more.

Over the past month or two, triggers have forced our hand to ignite great changes in our lives. We may have shocked ourselves with how impulsively we reacted, yet now realise how far we had drifted from our heart’s desires and destined path.

Great change is coming. If you have been on auto-pilot or coasting along for the last 2 year’s or so, Leo is here to shake up your world and catapult you forward to true happiness.

Leo has pride in all of its endeavours so the very last thing Leo will allow, is for us to settle!! Leo’s bravery and strength will help us to tackle these dramatic changes and the unknown with positive confidence that the Universe will conspire to help us on your personal mission to seek true happiness and authenticity.

If you have been feeling down, or apprehensive of the unknown, Leo’s positivity is going to engulf us and remind us that we have absolutely nothing to fear, the only thing we should ever fear is suppressing our own greatness by becoming settled and incapable of taking risks.

Leo is thrusting us into the unknown and like the lion and lioness we all have within, we will instinctively think on our feet and take change of our own life and kingdom.

Whenever we truly connect with our heart and soul it is a spiritual experience that allows us to assess how far we have wondered from our chosen path and reconnects us with our Higher Self.

Use your strong Leo intuition to chase whatever it is you desire.

The unknown can be a wonderful visitor when it pulls us from our comfort zone and propels us forward.

Now is a powerful and exciting time to start a new project and to take a leap of faith. Step into our confidence, rekindle an old flame if this person is the one that brings us true happiness, or start a new relationship if we feel deserving of more and are ready to open our heart chakra with the help of loving Leo’s energy.

Leo is igniting the softer feminine energy within us all, whilst Leo is fiery and determined, Leo’s most special gift is connecting us to our heart chakra and lighting up the lives of others.

Leo can sometimes have an egotistical shadow side, but when Leo’s step into their illuminated element and are balanced, they love harder than any other sign and teach us how to be truly authentic and that love is what makes life worth living.

We are being called upon by the Moon to be brave at this time and to act upon our raw and most loving emotions. We strive to pursue our path to happiness and set our intentions in this beginning month of the year to ensure that 2018 is our most magical and most authentic yet.

This is an incredible energy for any Twin Flame connections as the masculine and feminine will be becoming more positive and will be opening their heart’s, dissolving egos and realising that separation only hurts themselves. No point is to be proved, instead of acting upon Leo’s prideful shadow side, bask in Leo’s loving nature!

If you are leaving your job in pursuit of your dream career or on a mission to build your empire then you have extremely powerful energy behind you cheerleading you along.

In this time:
If your twin flame or partner responds with ego, respond with love.
If your twin flame or partner responds with an icy exchange, respond with warmth, understanding and humour.
If you receive a set back, respond with optimism.
If you receive a failed attempt, respond with motivation.

Little can knock your spirit at this moment in time, so allow your inner light to shine bright and travel far.

A powerful way to manifest and connect with your Higher Self is to meditate, meditate and meditate some more until the only voice you hear and respond to is your own! This is your inner navigation and the voice that will never steer you wrong.

This is going to be a hugely spiritual and awakened time, take advantage of the heightened psychic and intuitive energies to begin to manifest all that you desire in the now.

It is our positive mind-set and faith that will allow these next major steps to become the making of us!!

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