Shamanic Healing Meditation

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Psychic Gem’s incredible handpicked shamanic healer Danielle, brings you a powerful and guided shamanic healing mediation that allows you to self heal.

Connect with your power animals and guides to be shown where you require emotional and physical healing. Fill the parts of you that require spirit medicine and take time out to recharge. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or already have strong psychic or healing ability. Be open to receive the visions, symbols and messages. You are welcomed to Instagram direct message @psychicgems in regard to the symbols and power animals shown to you.

Danielle uses her own voice, making the energy even more intense as you receive her voice vibrations whilst being guided. We purposely present you with an unedited and unscripted meditation as Danielle journeyed and was guided by her own guides.

Shamanic healing is one of the deepest forms of healing. Danielle was born with natural shamanic, psychic and mediumship ability and has extensively trained and studied shamanic practices.

Shamanic healing performed by a gifted Shaman like Danielle offers the deepest level of healing, it can break toxic karmic connections, fix past life traumas and blocked energy holding you back in this life, heal emotional and physical blockages and allow you to move forward with your future.

The shamanic healing mediation can be used as often as you choose, to provide constant healing.