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Saturday 31st March Blue Moon

Saturday 31st March reflective Full Moon is at 10% Libra.

It’s a Blue Moon as it’s the second full moon within the month.

This Full Moon presents eight challenging red aspects and one blue aspect.

To understand the unique energy of this Blue Moon we must take into consideration that Mercury retrograde is opposite this Moon, making it harder for us to open up and divulge to someone how we feel and extremely testing and confusing for us to make sense of your own feelings.

When Saturn square the Blue Moon and Mercury it causes us to feel anxious, we allow negative destructive thoughts to enter our minds and push us off track. It is highly likely during this Full Moon that we will unexplainably be feeling lower than usual, alone and very reflective. Fixed stars means we are more fearful than usual and likely experiencing sleepless nights regarding any matters that have been causing us dissatisfaction such as finances, love, career, our direction in life, whatever may be troubling us.

This Blue Moon post has been sent to you as empowerment and a warning. I will not allow you to be sucked in by this Blue Moon’s energies, instead you must resist. This period in your life is going to become a blessing in disguise! Have no fear.

Dwelling is never an option, you’re way too strong and determined for that. Nothing is going to get in your way, not even nature itself and the lunar energies emitted. The Blue Moon wants to drag you to your lowest to show you that you can be your own hero. The Moon and Universe wants you to dig deep and ask yourself who are you and what is most important to you? What direction do you want your life to take? Nothing worth having comes easily, your happiness is a priority, so you must make a conscious effort to improve your situation and all that is currently weighing you down. The Blue Moon is showing you tough love, only to give you the opportunity to prove to yourself what you’re really made of.

You have been coasting along for too long. You needed to hit near to rock bottom to experience the ultimate wake up call and set yourself once and for all on track to experience to life you dream of. See your current situation as the necessary sacrifice to awaken you, in order to ensure whatever you want to achieve will be materialised.

The Sun opposite the Moon causes a Full Moon. This is symbolic of the polarities in your life that are causing you anguish. You feel you are being pulled in multiple different directions and can’t focus your time on energy fairly. You could be being pulled between your career and relationship, or have to at present sacrifice one in order for the other to flourish. You might want to go off on an exciting adventure and build a new life for yourself, but feel torn as you don’t want to leave your family and friends and lose your close connections. You may mentally now be ready for a baby, yet feel time and age is working against you. These are all our internal struggles, but what is most important is how we assess a situation and how we approach our problems or soon to be blessings.

Whatever you do, don’t panic! Your emotions will be at an all time high so remember to breathe and take a minute to think before you have an outburst. You are in control. Do not worry, you can only truly deal with one aspect of your life at a time, so prioritise what you have to do to get you from A to B. This doesn’t mean that you are de-prioritising one aspect of your life over another, all you are doing is taking logical action and making a plan. If you need to sort out your business or career then this is a priority in order to then give your full attention to your relationship, otherwise you won’t be present in the moment if you are stressing over other matters. Don’t panic yourself by thinking you’re running out of time, as I always say, what is meant for you will never pass you by.

During the March 17th New Moon you adopted a new way of thinking and like being struck by lightening you received crystal clear clarity of the direction you want to take in life and what is required of you to manifest everything you desire!

This Blue Moon is what you make it, will you allow it to provoke a set-back or create a blessing?

Don’t allow one negative thought to creep in, remember exactly who you are! This is nothing, keep pushing forward. Your mind can be the most powerful or most dangerous tool you own, don’t let it be the latter!

The Blue Moon is testing you to see how badly you want what you so frequently ask for. Now is the time to take action and become a problem solver. This March Blue Moon is forcing you to realise that you have the power, now use it!