I don’t think words can truly describe how incredible Nousha is and how inspiring her work is.  She is so genuine and honest and truly connects and understands you more than you could ever realise. The detail she gave in my reading was so accurate, she touched on points that I have never said out loud to anyone, it was as if she was actually there.

She connects the dots and made me see things I had never seen before and made so much sense. I was so inspired, she made me realise things I couldn’t see for myself. Having the opportunity to have a reading with Nousha is like having a sister and best friend have your back and talk you through any difficult times you are gong through, she is a guiding light in the darkness. She has not only given me a better understanding of my situation but also given me an overwhelming sense of positivity and hope for the future which I haven’t had in such a long time. I truly mean it when I say her work honestly goes beyond a reading.

Nousha is a truly gifted and beautiful person who genuinely cares about you. I feel so blessed to have found her can’t wait for what the future holds. Thank you Nousha  😘  😘

The BEST psychic I’ve ever had a reading with. When I first had a reading with Nousha, I was feeling very confused and heartbroken about life. But my reading with her was positive and incredibly accurate. Like people and events in the reading started showing up shortly after!

✨  This gave me hope and zest that my life was on the right track and that I’m destined for better. 💖  💖  Nousha is the real deal, like a fabulous angel sent to guide us to love and happiness. 💖  💖  Aside from her gift of seeing into the future, I trust her because she’s relatable example of a beautiful boss babe living her best life!  💁🏻  💅🏻   Like have you seen her stories from when she goes on trips? She knows how to have fun and be fabulous!

Nousha also did a healing on me and things drastically improved for me after. 🙋🏻  If you’re coming across this review, I’m telling you booking a reading with her is one of the best decisions you can make! Can’t say enough about how much her guidance has blessed me. Thank you Nousha! ❤️✨

I had a reading last week on Wednesday and it was legit the most refreshing feeling ever and left me feeling so spiritually good after, she was so accurate in describing physical and personality characteristics about the people in my life I was like wow this is crazy especially in my love life and she gave me a really good insight that I’m on the right path by focusing on my self love and focusing on becoming more spiritually awakened.

the most amazing thing happened I told my friend about the reading and a certain part of the reading to do with career my friend was so intrigued by because she was going to ask me join the same business venture that was discussed in my reading , which just gave me faith that everything she said was 100% resonating with me and made me more excited for my future.

Would deffo recommend to anyone who is unsure about certain areas in their life to get a reading from her because it literally raised my vibration so much more after I got one from psychic gems!

I’m so grateful for Nousha

This was the first time I had a reading with her and I was blow away with the information she told me of my life .. 🌸  She gave me wonderful advice and has such a beautiful energy. 💫   She is a true gem 💎  I would recommend a reading with Nousha …I Definitely will have another reading again…found my psychic gem 🔮  💖  😘

Initially I was nervous about having a reading. However, from our first exchange or messages Nousha made me feel so at ease. She has a really talent not just as a medium but making her clients happy and intrigued in the in depth things she says!

I would highly recommend that if anyone is at a crossroads in their life or just interested in delivering in to their soul, future and heart, Nousha is the best person to contact! x

If you haven’t done a reading with @psychicgems you need to get with it.  

Get out of my head. I’ve never had a reading be SO accurate. It’s like Nousha was in my head and heart. She knew things I haven’t even mentioned to my best friend, let alone the internet.

Seriously, she’s so talented and has a true gift. If you need a reading. she’s the one.

Let me just start by saying wow … Nousha connected with me quickly and with zero background. She picked up and read on what I needed without me even mentioning it. Not only that, but the detail was amazingly accurate. I am grateful for the reading (and for her ability to tell you what it is, whether it’s tough or not). I would recommend Nousha to anybody over and over again … She truly is a ‘gem’! Her energy is wonderful and I look forward to reading with her again!! ❤️

You told me I would I get pregnant with a boy in the next 6 months back in September I am now 7 weeks pregnant, I am guessing it’s going to be a boy, nearly everything you said when I had my reading had come true absolutely amazing xx

Hi lovely Nousha, Again, thank you so much for my reading today! Great speaking to you! I felt at peace, I feel excited for what’s coming. My 1st time getting a reading and it was by far the best! You have amazing talents, can’t wait to talk to you soon  💜  💕  🙏🏼  😇  I recommend ANYONE who has always wanted one to get one with YOU!

I have had several readings done. Both in person and on the phone. But you were by far THE MOST ACCURATE! Not only were most of the things you predicted right, they happened with in two weeks of the reading. Absolutely amazing, you gave me so much clarity. I was able to see things in an entirely new light. Thank you for sharing your gift!

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