Nicknamed Coca-Cola by clients, Victoria’s gift of mediumship is known to be the real thing! Victoria has greatly impacted the lives of those she’s touched; resulting in one client even naming their daughter in her honour!

Victoria provides weird and wonderful predictions, even detailing where one will find their Soul Mate, or Twin Flame – their forever love. Victoria can focus on any aspect of life you desire, from love, relationships, finances, business, family and so much more!

Victoria has been aware of her rare gift since childhood and has always been able to see, hear and feel spirit. Like many psychics and mediums they hone and sharpen their gift after a dramatic event takes place, forcing them on their spiritual path to seek the truth, to shine a light on the pain and to help others on their unique journey. Victoria experienced this life changing catalyst in her early twenties and has been providing her exceptional services for the last 25 years.

Born with her natural gifts, Victoria has a multitude of psychic and mediumship abilities including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience and calls upon her powers to seek divine guidance for clients across the globe. Victoria can read tarot cards, practices remote viewing and can even communicate with beloved past over pets. Victoria has an overwhelming passion for all things spiritual, along with vast knowledge and experience working with crystals, chakra alignment, auras, astral travel and crystal balls. Victoria is a spiritual queen!

Victoria is a beautiful soul and believes her purpose is to help people and provide proof of realms once thought unimaginable. Victoria is an extremely passionate and caring reader and instantly puts clients at ease. A thoroughly experienced reader, Victoria likens her ability to switching on a light switch. Victoria provides accurate past and present validations, to instil the client with the confidence to trust in her future predictions.

The Founder of Psychic Gems first ever reading with Victoria:

I am extremely receptive to people’s energy and voice vibrations, so I instantly picked up on Victoria’s warmth and mystical energy! I had a VERY good feeling about the reading ahead!

Victoria provided so many vital pieces of information that she could never have possibly known or guessed. There wasn’t one piece of information that didn’t make sense to me. Prior to the reading I knew that if she picked up on these important facts, then I could trust in her psychic predictions. After my reading I researched the finer details of what Victoria had divulged and I was amazed at just how accurate she had been, even correctly predicting exact time frames.

Victoria has a wonderful and caring energy, delivering messages with conviction.

Victoria’s level of accuracy and ability to tap into the minds and feelings of those in question, reinforced why Victoria is renowned for salvaging relationships. Often we can make wrong decisions based on incorrect assumptions and act on ego and pride. Victoria will show you exactly how someone feels for you and what’s in store, offering absolute clarity. Her superior spiritual knowledge was evident in the reading. Most importantly she confirmed my own thoughts and intuition.

She opened the reading by describing one of my main Spirit Guides, down to their hair colour, energy, purpose for their assistance and even told me their name. I was very intrigued as it matched the exact same description of my Spirit Guide provided previously by another Psychic Gems reader.

I could have spoken to Victoria all day; she made me feel so inspired and empowered!

Victoria mentioned that often after experiencing one of her readings, her clients are shown hearts in a string of strange scenarios and when they least expect it. The hearts are a gift and acknowledgment from her Guide. Only 2 hours after she told me this I was given a pack of love hearts, which I never usually eat! The messages on the love hearts further validated the sign and even repeated a significant word that Victoria told me to act on! A very symbolic and rare song at this very moment also came on the radio, which was all the validation I needed!

Victoria truly is the real thing!