Julie is extremely popular amongst clients due to her vivacious personality and immensely insightful and accurate readings. A remarkable level of in-depth knowledge is provided without the client having to say a word. Acclaimed for her spot on predictions, Julie’s delivery is caring, whilst direct and honest. She thrives on uplifting and energising her clients with the help of her charming and lively guides.

Working with her guides, tarot cards, and breathtaking natural psychic and empathic ability, Julie also obtains a rare gift of remote viewing and will instantly pick up on a clients voice vibrations. This triggers a flow of information that quickly validates her remarkable spiritual gift. For over 20 years Julie has been delivering such detailed messages and has even solved a murder. When reading for a woman who lost her brother, without any prompting Julie had visions of the murder taking place. The crucial facts that Julie picked up, such as the house number and street name were passed onto the police and resulted in the murder being resolved.

Julie came very highly recommended. My first ever reading with Julie was via the telephone and I instantly connected with her lively energy. I was positively shocked when she immediately launched into my then scenario. Her empathic ability to read the mind and feelings of the person in question truly amazed me and turned out to be correct. Time and time again Julie tells me predictions that then unravel before my eyes. Julie has brought me so much laughter, joy and clarity and I personally call upon her for invaluable insight in regards to daily and life changing decisions, when it comes to matters of love, business, future plans, travel and so forth.