Estrella can deliver fluent readings in English or Spanish. She has an unwavering passion for making a real difference to the lives of others. She first learnt of her gift at just 5 years old and has since been guided by the spirits with visions, details and deep readings into the past, present and future. Her caring, empathetic and quirky personality has been bringing comfort to her clients for 21 years with readings of amazing clarity and empathetic messages from beyond the grave. Her level of detail and accurate predictions are astounding.

Estrella’s level of detail astonishes me. I tracked her down based on her incredible reputation for her accurate and detailed predictions and she definitely lived up to expectations! The first time I ever spoke to Estrella, she was able to instantly jump into my then situation and reeled off details she could never have possibly known unless she held a natural divine gift. I was utterly amazed. Whilst always honest and looking out for the client’s needs, she delivers the messages in such a caring and uplifting manner. I always feel so revived after having a reading with Estrella. She is always able to raise my energy vibrations and I am left with absolute clarity. Estrella is able to tell you insane levels of details without you even saying a word and if you do have specific questions in mind, she is always ready to provide you with the in-depth answers you are after. Estrella has vast knowledge on all things spiritual. I cannot recommend Estrella enough: she is an exceptional psychic and now a true friend.