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You Are Powerful, Provided You Know How Power You Are

You are powerful, provided you know how powerful you are ~ Harbhajan Singh Khalsa

You are the all powerful magician and master manifester. Realise all of the blessed elements of your being and know that there is only one of you in the entire Universe. Use your determined heart and spirit to create your wildest dreams and never acknowledge limitations. You are your only obstacle.

The Universe demonstrates every day that nothing is impossible and what magic can occur with a positive and unwavering mindset. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Set your intentions and stop at nothing until they have been achieved.

Do not tame your inner creative genius, or doubt the power of your willpower. You are divinely protected and much is destined, but it is you who can go above and beyond to change the world and your reality by following your calling and passions to achieve the outcome you desire most.

If your actions and next intended steps do not excite you, change your course of action until they do. Only then you will be sure that you are on your intended path, whether it involves matters of love, career, your spiritual awakening, or any other aspect of your life. Never settle.