New Moon 2

The New Moon on Sunday 15th April in Aries!

The New Moon on Sunday 15th April.

Aries aligns with the planet Uranus.

This New Moon is the ideal time to make 2018finally count! Use this New Moon to begin manifesting all of your  2018 resolutions which have yet to materialise! Aries being a fixed star when aligned with the New Moon ensures your desired endeavours will be successful and will fuel your determination!

This April New Moon will also give your love life a much needed boost, whether you’re wanting to rekindle an old or existing flame, or searching for new love. The alignment of the planets at this time cause love to fill the air! It’s a spiritual New Moon, so your curiosity surrounding the Universes mysteries and psychic intuition will be at an all time high.

If you’ve recently been feeling drained and exhausted then this New Moon will recharge your energy due to the Sun being conjuct to the Moon. Progress is guaranteed, so you will likely receive an eureka moment to push you to analyse your old habits and be brave enough to take unexpected action to ensure your success and change your current situation. This is the time of being open and adaptable as nothing can stop your success and vision, even if you have to explore back up plan B.

This New Moon in Aries falls within dreamy Pisces constellation (17° Pisces to 2° Taurus). This constellation which is ruled by Neptune heightens intuition, spiritual awakening and your dreams will become more vivid. This time of strong clarity will reveal all that had been hidden. Any deception or illusions will come to light. This is a great time to meditate as we are most in tune with Universal energies. When our intuition is heightened we are more connected to our loving kind spirits. Our spirits, guides and inspirers will use such a time to reveal hidden truths so that our own situations and the situations of our nearest and dearest can be improved. Use this time to set yourself free from all deception. The truth hurts but ultimately it will eventually set you free.

Fixed star Al Pherg at 27°03′ Aries Sign is the only star in Pisces Constellation used in astrology. It fuels determination and final success and will ensure your new project is blessed with success. You have had to hit a low for you to truly assess all aspects of your life and understand that your actions now are preventing you from reaching your destined path and life, unless you take strategic action in the present.

You will experience a wave of further open-mindedness and the thrill of risk which will allow exciting new opportunities to enter your life. You will be fearlessly driven.

Venus trine Pluto adds passion to your love life and important romantic relationship. You will experience a desire for greater love, affection and will become more aware of your throat chakra and desire to explain the way you feel to the one you love. If you are looking for new love then a strong sexual attraction and karmic pull will help you in being more open for the Universe to bring you a new romance. Mars sextile Neptune heightens your sensual desires.

This is a time of spiritual growth and professional progression.

Uranus gives you the spark and opportunity to make exciting changes in your life. Expect the unexpected.

The last two moon phases were difficult so this New Moon is gifting you with beautiful opportunities that will benefit your future forever. Now is the time to create your dream life and desired future!