Blog Post 1 New Moon And Solar Eclipse

New Moon & Solar Eclipse In Pisces

New moon & solar eclipse in Pisces on Sun 26th Feb is the most powerful new moon and solar eclipse of the year. Falling in dreamy Pisces, the energies will be very introvert and psychic ability at an all time high. Experience extreme levels of intuition and know that you are closer to reaching your destined path. Make sure to make wishes and establish your desires in order to manifest new and exciting beginnings.

The energies will force you to make choices to lower your level of anxiety and provide you with peace of mind. This is the time to forgive and release any judgement in order to strengthen your relationship with yourself and others. It’s a perfect time to release unhealthy habits and improve your general well-being such as starting a healthy eating plan. Only when we let go of the old and that which no longer serves us, can we create the space for new and inspiring things to manifest into our lives.

This year is an inspiring time to use your special uniqueness and sensational leadership qualities to charge forward and create your dreams. 2017 is a one year (2+1+7=10 which is refined down to 1). Numerology proposes that this year you will feel an overwhelming sense of independence and clear vision of what you want to attract into your life. You will influence others on a global scale.

New ideas are to be born and waves of inspiration and creativity are to hit you at lightening speed. If you suddenly feel a sense of drive and ambition, run with it as your hard work will be rewarded this year. Suddenly discovered your spiritual calling, always listen to your intuition and feel rest assured that the current Universal Energies will conspire to help you flourish. Faith and fortune are on your side. If you found 2016 to be a slow year with few projects coming to fruition, with various endings and disappointment, 2017 is the start of incredible new beginnings and expansions. Enjoy the journey!

An overwhelming sense of self-confidence is expected, so be sure to have fun along the way. New friends, acquaintances and business partners are to be made, as you increase your status and receive great recognition for your talents and loveable and charismatic free-spirit. You are to discover the authentic you and will feel unapologetic at recognising what makes you so special. Here’s to a inspirational and energised year!

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