New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse on the 12th July 2018

The New Moon on Thursday 12th July 2018 at 20° Cancer partial solar eclipse is teaching us the fundamental lesson of trusting in the Universe, God and our Spirit Guides!!

If you’ve felt like you’ve lost control of certain aspects of your life over the last few weeks then this is no coincidence. No matter how hard you’ve tried to fix a relationship, take control of your finances, tried to advance in your career, or whichever aspect of your life has been heavily playing on your mind it’s as if all power has been relinquished from you.

This is because we are being taught a hard Universal lesson that often when we want something or someone so badly, we can become obsessed with maintaining control to reach our desired outcome. Our devotion can lead to stubbornness and our ego and fear of the future not panning out exactly as we plan in our mind can sometimes be the reason we fail to see the bigger and greater picture. When we become so fixated on our tunnel vision and want something or someone so badly, we are blind to potential new people and opportunities. What if what is coming is greater than we could imagine?

We all have a divine life purpose and at this point in time the Universe is having a cosmic intervention to ensure we are closer to reaching our destined destination. This takeover will leave us feeling helpless and as if we have lost total control despite our efforts and resistance.

The Solar Eclipse in July is influenced by an intense opposition to minor Pluto. This will rock our sense of self-worth and self-esteem in regards to important relationships or events. 

A powerful fixed star brings the possibility for heightened anxiety triggered by subconscious fears. We mustn’t allow anxiety or stress to creep up on us and instead we should realise that the Universe taking the wheel is actually divinely conspired and in our very best interest. 

We should always follow our heart and gut, but at the same time not allow our devotion to block us from new experiences that lead to choices. Our stubbornness to pursue a certain career path that we are fixated on due to numerous factors such as financial gain or prestige can often come with great stress and sacrifice. 

What if your Spirit Guides have something far greater in sight for you and you don’t even know it yet? What if you’ve spent months hung up over someone or an ex who you think you want to be with, but when you finally get them they turn out to disappoint you? Obstacles are put in place not only to test how badly we want someone or something, but they also act as our own protection so that in the end we reach ‘the one’ we are destined to be with and find ourselves in the exact place we are meant to be.

This New Moon is all about understanding that absolutely everything happens for a reason and focuses on our control struggles. If we get fired from a job or we choose to leave, just maybe the next job is the start of our new career path, or maybe we’ll meet our soul mate at our next place of work. It could turn out to be the biggest blessing in disguise. Let’s say our girlfriend or boyfriend just broke up with us and we’re feeling heartbroken. What if we’re a stage closer to Spirit brining us our actual soul mate. 

The message this New Moon is don’t feel defeated, as our time is coming. If we could only see what the beautiful future holds, our temporary stress and worry would dissolve away. Know that the Universe has our very best interest at heart.

Keep working hard and stay focused, BUT when we receive inevitable knock-backs, instead of feeling disheartened and annoyed with ourselves, know that it is a detour to something far better.

For those of us who have already witnessed divine intervention and found our soul mate, Venus trine Saturn is the perfect time to make long-terms plans and commit within a romantic relationship. Venus trine Uranus is the aspect that influences us to try something new and affects all areas of our life, from work to love life. Saturn trine Uranus symbolises a transformation stage in our life which gels well with Pluto as the transformer. Pluto retrograde is what makes us question why we cling onto power and helps us release control and trust in the Universe.

This powerful Solar eclipse this July lasts four weeks until the 11th August Solar Eclipse, so during this time allow ourselves to let go of stress knowing that the Universe is cosmically pulling us towards the exact right place at the exact right time and that the Universe will quickly reveal all of the possibilities that are beyond our current comprehension!!

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