New Moon

NEW MOON in Capricorn 16th – 17th January 2018

January 2018 New Moon in Capricorn!

ARE YOU READY for the Capricorn stellium shake up?!

A special occurrence is taking place during this January Full Moon, creating a stellium, caused by the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all positioned in the sign of the mountain goat Capricorn!

We are being plunged into earthy Capricorn energy, sparking our ambition, leadership qualities and drive! This is the year and moment our life path truly begins!

I am always highly influenced by the planetary and lunar energies! This New Moon is igniting an anxious excitement in our hearts. A willingness to take uncomfortable risks is lead by a strong knowing that our intuition and Guides are guiding us to our chosen life paths! This newfound courage is much deserved after being served lengthy lessons on patience.

Many of us will have finally reached the realisation that change and the unknown will make us feel on edge, but the air is full of adrenalin and bestowed courage. There is nothing worse than wasting your life on carrying out mundane routine, investing your energy in the same job, or living a life where you feel unsatisfied. Never settle for comfortably, over stepping out of your comfort zone to find out what the wonders of the unknown hold for you.

People often ask me why is this one thing that I want more than anything not happening for me? And I remind them that the Universe prefers to have clear and passionate direction. If we are vague or not dedicated to what we do want, then the Universe will feel no sense of urgency to bring us something that does not occupy our heart’s desires.

Often cutting off an energy that hinders our intentions is the best decision and action you can take. For instance, if you like someone and want a form of commitment from this person, but it’s not reaching that next step, then I would question who else is receiving your thoughts and energy? The Universe asks for you to be brave and make bold choices. Know thyself and know exactly what and who you want.

Some question why do my own ventures not take off and become a lucrative livelihood? I would again ask, which other company or venture is occupying all of your time, energy and ideas? Often change is what can totally transform our energy vibrations and allow new opportunities to be presented to us by the Universe.

Capricorn the mountain goat moves slowly but surely to in the end reach the untrodden mountain paths. However, I feel we have far surpassed this stage and steady speed of progression. Since the Winter Solstice on the 21st December 2017 we have been thinking deeply about what we want out of life, our true passions, who is most important to us and who is our true love.

We are now ready to storm ahead, climb our mountain and at the top of the peak lays our fairy-tale ending. The one we love, our ultimate career ambitions, Business Empire and all of the things that make us feel complete and true to our soul and life purpose is waiting for us. All we need do is apply this dedicated and consistent Capricorn energy to get closer and closer to our dreams.

There is a radical energy that surrounds us to gift us with the extra power and courage to know that we can conquer the world, if we let go of all our inner insecurities and outwardly inflicted stereotypes. With the influence of Uranus, revolutionary and dramatic change is on the horizon. It’s no coincidence that women’s empowerment is stronger than ever! We must let go of any baggage and restrictions and become flexible and open minded in order to conquer the inspiring journey that the Universe is unravelling for us!

2018 is going to be a magical year for us individually and on a global level. We are going to become one with spirituality and trust our gut feelings and intuition!

Saturn positioning in Capricorn forces us to focus on the importance of our long terms goals. Our focus and dedication will be well worth it when we reach our wildest dreams. Distractions are futile!

Devote 2018 to our overall wellbeing, passions, true happiness, true love and unimaginable goals!

Even if your guides have not yet revealed themselves to you, know that we are never alone. We are protected, loved and championed to achieve our deepest heart’s desires by God, the Archangels, our Guides, our Higher Selves, the Universe and whatever Higher Source you believe in.

Ask for their help and guidance. Practice visualising you sat by a pond on a beautiful summer’s day, surrounded by pebbles. Take a pebble and think of something that you want your Guides to help you with, a relationship, health, success, career. Whatever it may be ask for their help and then imagine throwing the pebble into the pond. Keep throwing pebbles holding in mind what it is you truly desire. Release your worries to your Guides and have faith that they have heard your call for help.