New Moon 2

New Moon 8th October 2018 – AKA Hello to the new and improved version of you!!

This transformative New Moon falls at 15° Libra.

It will have you craving control over each and every aspect of your life, including romantic relationships. It’s an intense energy, so don’t be shocked if you unexpectedly become fixated over a certain individual in a short space of time, or find yourself pining over the one you love. Towards loved ones you will likely be feeling nostalgic, sentimental and protective.

On the flip side a need for control in your love life and career can also make you adamant in prioritising your happiness and future and drastically cutting ties with anyone who you feel no longer serves you. If there has been repeated negative on and off cycles or too much water under the bridge, the New Moon can provoke you to snap, cut ties and allow new energy and people to enter your life.

Provoking a need for control links in with desires to be independent. The New Moon energy is empowering and giving single women, single mothers and working women a sense of extra independence and determination to achieve all of their hopes and dreams, no matter the obstacles.

If you are feeling run down or less confident after months of unhealthy food, lifestyle choices and being mistreated in your closest relationships then you will have the motivation to start that radical new healthy diet, exercise regime and new way of thinking. A health and relationship crises will force a radical transformation. New or rekindled love, feeling unappreciated, or even a break up will boost your willpower to feel your absolute best and show them what they’re missing! You are about to experience a spiritual and psychical transformation, where you say goodbye to the old you and instead grow into the greatest vision of you yet, even if you are a work in progress you are extra determined and on the right track!

Nows the time to get serious about love, money, career or whatever else is important to you as an individual. Sun conjunct Moon will fill you with energetic energy to go after what you want most and energetically persuade you that your own efforts and actions are imperative! Now is the time to get serious about your goals, dreams and the life you want!

The effects of this 8th October New Moon will have a powerful influence on your thinking until the 7th November, so make the most of this invigorating energy.

At 15°48′ Libra the 8th October New Moon is less than one degree from minor planet Ceres. The lunar eclipse at the beginning of 2018 on the 31st January was similarly conjunct Ceres, so the same issues you were dealing with at the beginning of the year will again arise. This has been a reflective year, if you feel this year has so far been slow with little achievement, huge change is coming from this moment onwards.

The January lunar eclipse was at 11° Leo and the 8th October New Moon is at 15° Libra. This year may have felt like it hasn’t yet begun, but all of the setbacks have occurred to fuel you with the motivation to make you realise that you need to start enjoying life now and start living!

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