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New Moon 17th March 2018 in Pisces ~ The Epiphany!

New Moon 17th March 2018 in Pisces ~ The Epiphany!

This New Moon is extremely complex in its energies! It will make you realise the relevance of the phrase “insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” For so long you’ve been so focused on your end goals that you’ve either had stubborn tunnel vision, or become so positively hopeful that you failed to consider any other route to reach your desired destination.

Sometimes your world needs to be shaken up in order to show you that drastic change in your actions or thinking is necessary!

The New Moon falls at 27 degrees in Pisces and is closely aligned with planet Chiron. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer, causing painful wounds to come to light and force you to reassess your frequent actions and behaviour. You will have a strong sense that right now your life is not where you want it to be. Whilst gratitude is important, it is also important to question why this is the case and how you can change your situation.

The New Moon energy is stirring a battle between the feeling of crisis and an epiphany moment where new enlightenment and higher-self knowledge has or will propel your thinking to take a different route, influencing your next steps and consequently ensuring that you arrive at your desired destination only with less risk. You are taking the reigns and taking back control of your life.

The feeling of crisis and panic had to occur to trigger new reasoning for you to pursue a route you may have failed to once consider. You will still arrive at your destined path, only this way you are taking pro-active action towards your desired outcome, you’re just taking a detour route. Sometimes thins have to get worse before they can get better and you’ve already been through the worst of it.

You have had much time to think and contemplate your future over the last few weeks and now is the moment for decisions and action plans!

When you’re backed into a corner, you must think differently. You can still hold the same goals and dreams but you are being asked to approach them differently.

The New Moon triggers the start of your new 28 day cycle, so you will be making it a productive one! This Epiphany moment has come just in time, a few days prior, during, or a few days after the New Moon.

Now is not the time to be set in your ways, you are being taught how to be flexible and the Universe and your Guides are testing you on how much you want something, a situation, or a person. The Universe and Higher Sources already know your most sacred wishes, but they need you to get serious and commit to your dreams!

What will you sacrifice in the now for that future dream and life? Now is the time to put in the hard work and apply strategic and creative thinking. If your desire is great enough, you will always find a way. If you’ve placed your life on hold for a certain someone, no more, you are taking back your power and will make sure you have good time and live life on your way to your destiny! Even if initial planning and preparation is required, there is no time like the present for a plot twist. Shock yourself. You must step out of your comfort zone in order to get what you truly want.

You are analysing your old habits and beliefs and realising that you were so set in your ways that you muted the right hand side of your mind that controls the imagination and innovative thinking. At this time you require both logic and imagination. Set your goals and make known the dreams you desire and then logically plan to make them happen and take control of your happiness!

Your current circumstances are different to how you once envisaged, so now is the time to apply your extra drive and focus and you shouldn’t stop until you achieve what you want!! At this time sleep is irrelevant, make the required changes and then work towards your soon to be dreams everyday until they become your reality! There is no right or wrong way to reach your dreams.

This New Moon energy applies to us all regardless of your star sign, or situation!

If you want that dream job, you must finish your CV or portfolio and give yourself the chance to progress and be rewarded for your years of handwork and determination.

If you want to break free of a toxic relationship this New Moon will give you the strength to think intelligently and reassess your financial stability and other factors that have so far prevented you from breaking away.

If you have already met ‘the one’ but you are separated by various obstacles, you will show that there isn’t any distance far enough or issue big enough to prevent you from causing your reunion.

If you want new love, you will realise that you need to start working on yourself, preparing yourself for the meeting so that you are truly confident and in the best energy space and then placing yourself in the correct placed to allow yourself to meet this special person.

If you want to move abroad for whatever reason, you will start looking at methods to make your move happen.

This New Moon is teaching us that excuses are for settlers and any life worth living requires bravery, action and first and foremost logical planning on your part, based on the guidance of your inner voice and heart! Your Guides and Angels have your back and will be helping you, but they still require your input for harmonious team work!!