Mercury Is Retrograde 9th April ~ 3rd May 2017

It’s here people! Today Mercury has gone retrograde!

Yes communication is about to be turned upside down, chaos is about to be unleashed and confusion in the form of indecisiveness and doubts are about to corrupt our thoughts. HOWEVER, do not allow yourself to play victim!

You are typically told not to overreact and avoid making impulsive decisions that you may regret. This may be my inner Leo speaking, but I personally say impulsive decisions are based on going after what you truly want. Make what you want happen!

You need to look at this cosmic alignment from a different angle. It’s not all uncontrollable havoc, even if you do need to control your emotions more than usual. It has the power to ignite genius ideas and inspiration. Allow deep thinking to take you wherever it may lead you and make sure you’re prepared as always for the return of the ex.

Mercury affects us all and provokes deep revisions of our past choices. It forces us to evaluate what doors need to close in order for other doors to open. Take back your power! Know your magical worth and drop those who no longer serve you and who can’t keep up with your rapid and exciting spiritual journey.