Karmic Relationships

There are different types of spiritual relationships. Karmic, soul mate, twin flame…

You can only ever have one twin flame. Soulmate relationships are karmic, yet not all karmic relationships are necessarily soulmate relationships.

When you encounter someone whom you share a karmic relationship with, you will instantly feel a strong sense of familiarity. Experiencing a notion of finding something or someone you were unknowingly searching for. This is also found in twin flame and soul mate relationships.

Many intuitively acknowledge that they have met this soul before. Their features, eyes, or even voice may appear overwhelmingly familiar.

The relationship obtains great intensity and is amplified when involving a potential romantic relationship.

A connection is shared beyond what is verbally spoken and done between one another.

What some people fail to remember, is that not all things familiar are meant for you, or a positive influence in your life.

If there is karma to resolve within a relationship, you will likely find yourself drawn into negative repetitive past patterns that are detrimental to the soul. Addictive and damaging behaviour is typical and so far removed from your true conscious hopes and desires. Many feel safer to repeat old patterns, even though they know they should break free.

Change can appear unsettling and requires effort. However, if you never step out of your comfort zone, how can genuinely understand your authentic self and experience true love which is kind, understanding, beautiful, respectful, allows room for growth and indescribable compared to any other relationship you will have ever and will ever experience. True love consists of mutual respect and a feeling of absolute contentment and wholeness. True love still requires a level of effort as the course of true love doesn’t always run smooth, yet true love possesses all of the beautiful elements to eventually overcome any issue and situation in the most loving manner.

Many suppress their real authentic soul and character to please friends and family and often push against the natural flow that leads you to your perfect match and greatest life path.

You are in a karmic relationship if you find yourself excusing someone who tries to control, lie, manipulate and mistreat you. If you refuse to accept that they are intentionally trying to hurt you then this should raise alarm bells. This type of relationship is known to experience explosive fights and each of you will go out of your way to hurt one another.

Do not be deceived into thinking that this person is destined for you, due to the strong karmic familiarity. You will have likely encountered one another in previous lives and this will be repeated until you finally settle past issues. You can break this cycle by acknowledging that you are in control and that the purpose of this karmic relationship is to teach you valuable lessons in order to spiritually evolve and become elevated to experience real love which is blessed by the divine.

The person you share a karmic relationship with, will always eventually show their true colours, the mystery will fade and you will see them for who they really are. You may have once perceived yourself to love this person, yet only once you free yourself from this relationship can you acknowledge that it in fact was not love. Your true love will teach you the difference.

You must be the one to consciously want to learn from this lesson and realise that you hold great power in achieving your ultimate happiness and the ability to work your way back onto your destined path. In order to stop this negative cycle repeating itself, you must allow yourself to spiritually grow. The painful experiences will only heighten the joyful experiences to come when shared with your real love, who would never try to intentionally hurt you.

Be brave and take control of your karmic obligations by expelling these debts with overwhelming positivity and love. No longer tolerate being mistreated by this person and instead by accepting self love, you will allow your true love to enter you life. If you have already met your true love, allow yourself to take a leap into the unknown and explore the realest form of love. You can finally break this karmic connection and realise that you are no longer infatuated by someone whom reveals to be actually very ordinary, with little soul substance and lacking the most important element of all, unconditional love.