Sag 2

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!!!

Lucky Sagittarius – 22nd November – 21st December

Ruled by the planet of good fortune, JUPITER the largest planet in our Solar System will pull out all the stops to cosmically conspire to bestow good luck upon Sagittarius. This makes Sag the luckiest zodiac of all the signs!

My Moon, Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius makes me feel a strong connection to Sagittarius and the prosperous energy that surrounds Sag!

Our astrology is our unique soul map which is gifted to us at birth. Sagittarius is born with a magical ability to attract abundance and good fortune! Sagittarius should expect exciting gifts from Jupiter. If as a Sag you’re yet to experience Jupiter’s lucky touch, be patient as it will strike you when you least expect it! Sagittarius trusts in the power of miracles as they are protected and surrounded by overwhelming cosmic opportunity. This is why Sag is carefree and nonchalant, as they know the Universe is working in their favour.

When Sagittarius pursues their great sense of adventure and travel the world, they will witness all kinds of powerful shifts and magical changes manifest in their life. For some travel may not be feasible, in which case Sagittarius should allow their explorative mind to expand by feeding their thirst for knowledge.

Sagittarius is the ultimate philosopher. Sagittarius is a deep learner and thinker and will often contemplate the meaning of life and their life purpose. They spark great conversations and are great listeners. Sagittarius will feel restrained and trapped if unable to explore worldly ideas and if their sense of freedom is compromised. Sagittarius has sacred soul knowledge to share with the world, they push philosophical boundaries and challenge Universal thinking.

Sagittarius is the most accepting sign and respects everyones unique identifies and beliefs. As the least judgment sign, Sagittarius is open minded and encourage everyone to be a free spirit and to be true to their authentic self.

Sagittarius is passionately fiery and ignite excitement in their romantic relationship. A relationship with a Sagittarius is always fun and a wild adventure. Their beauty is their wild spirit. If in a relationship with a Sag then avoid trying to suppress their free nature. In a romantic relationship, Sagittarius should maintain their power by loving themselves and holding onto a part of their freedom and fun loving spirit.

Their shadow side can find a Sagittarius running from the technicalities of mundane life in the pursuit of adventure. Sag needs to work towards finding a harmonious balance.

Sagittarius does everything best and strives to be the very best at their craft or the leader in their industry. Sag has the highest of standards.

Sagittarius has an interchangeable mood, whilst known for their optimism, one minute they can absolutely be loving life and then wake up to being in a fiery notorious mood. A Sagittarius is far from predictable!

Although Sagittarius is harmless and kind hearted, they can often be blunt and will totally speak their mind without hesitation. Although honesty is an admirable quality, Sagittarius should take a few moments to think before they speak, to try and avoid wounding someone with their honest words.

Sagittarius is vivacious, exciting, will expand your mind, show you a wild time and shower you in love and honesty. They are renowned for their magnificent imaginations. Sag is responsible for the most inspiring music, films and art! They are capable of greatness through the power of their imaginative mind! Extremely intelligent, they always demonstrate avant-garde thinking.

Sagittarius has enormous amounts of energy! Their charismatic and vibrant energy attracts many admirers. Sag loves to look and feel fabulous!

Sagittarius is a true gift to the world! They teach us to accept one another and respect everyones differences. Sag is the freedom fighter and the courageous free spirit! Sagittarius is non judgemental and inspire others to cherish the authenticity of their soul. They have the biggest heart and incredible ideas to bring people and the world together. Sag is the master of manifesting abundance as their positive vibrations are high frequency. Sag can make the impossible possible!

Keep shining Sag!!