Cancer Ian

Happy Birthday Cancerians!! It’s your Birthday and you can cry if you want to!!

Happy Birthday Cancerians!!

June 21st – July 22nd

Listen up ya little cry babies, let’s set the record straight and prove why all you Cancerian sun, moon and rising signs are seriously misunderstood by the rest of us zodiac signs!!

Yes the influence of your ruler the moon stirs wild emotions within you, BUT this is exactly what this Leo absolutely loves about you…you Cancerians love fearlessly. Or at least this is one of your signs greatest life lessons, to honour your divine feminine.

I know many Cancerians and they are some of the most gentle, loyal and nurturing souls around!!

Despite their tough shell to keep initial strangers at arm’s length, everyone that truly knows a Cancerian, knows that they can’t help but to quickly let their guard down to expose their softer endearing side.

The host and hostess with the mostest, Cancerians go above and beyond to make their friends and loved ones their absolute priority. Cancerians are extremely giving of their heart and home. Whilst in the company of a Cancerian, you will feel truly looked after. They’ll cook for you, they are usually the one making sure everyone gets home safe, they will fuss over you and at times risk neglecting their own needs just to make others feel extra special. Cancerians take great pride in their home and add a touch of love to anywhere they go. They instinctively know how to make a house a home.

Cancerians in their highest vibration epitomise the divine feminine. They love and care for everyone that crosses their path and often treat everyone as if they were their own child. Cancerians invest their time and energy into people. The divine feminine is unconditionally loving but without the neediness. Cancerians ability to love fearlessly is their ultimate power and should never be viewed as a weakness. Cancerians are one of the strongest signs when they are authentic and own their feelings and spread love to everyone around them. They are the nurturers.

Cancerians are untouchable because they have the kindest hearts. It’s your birthday so cry if you want to Cancerians!! You are a true water sign with complex emotions that run deeper than the ocean. When a Cancerian chooses to honour their feelings in their authentic and raw form they are a gift and I would choose their soft and giving heart over a cold heart that refuses to show any emotion any day!!

Cancerians life lesson is to own their goddess qualities regardless of their gender. Cancerians teach us the meaning of unconditional love and why it is so important to care for one another.

Cancerians like any sign of course have a shadow side. If you dare try make a Cancerian feel insecure or jealous then you will cause them to flip a switch and quickly resort to playing games, withdraw their feelings and manipulate a situation to claim back their Cancerian power. Cancerians should learn how to overcome retreating to this comfort zone and stay in their divine feminine power. 

Cancerians greatest vulnerabilities are usually exposed within their relationships, so they should monitor their behaviour to ensure that how they feel matches their actions. I can promise you that if you’re having issues with your Cancerian partner and they’ve unexpectedly turned cold on you, or they’re ignoring your messages, that they are almost certainly desperate to contact you but they will stop themselves just to try and regain power of their own emotions. Cancerians lesson is to quit  resulting to games when they’re feeling insecure and protective over their hart and instead follow their heart and emotions without feeling like they’re losing control.

If you are wanting to impress a Cancerian on a date then take them for a nice meal or for a walk by the beach under the moon and stars. Cancerians are deep and like their emotions stirred, they are sentimental so they are less about the grand gestures and more about the sentiment and the thought and planning behind the idea. If you’re looking for a long term and committed relationship then Cancerians make the perfect partners as they are known for their ultra giving and nurturing natures. They will make you feel loved and special always if you too treat them right.

Cancerians want to exude confidence but when they feel unsure in a romantic situation or made to feel insecure, it causes them to retreat into their shell. The Cancerians who sometimes appear cold are often hiding from the intensity of their own emotions. Cancerians are known to at times have an outburst and then 5 minutes later laugh about how crazy they’ve just acted. Cancerians should own their outbursts and whirlwind of emotions because that’s what makes them unique.

Cancerians should remain authentic to their emotions and allow themselves to become vulnerable in situations which could cause them hurt. Cancerians are often adored due to their beautiful and caring nature.

Happy Birthday Cancerians, you are some of the most dedicated and loving romantic partners, nurturing parents and loyalist friends out there!! Never feel guilty for your amazing connection to your inner being and emotions, it’s what makes you so loveable and endearing!! 


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