Happy Birthday AQUARIUS, You Innovative Genius!!! 20th Jan – 18th Feb

Aquarius can often be SO misunderstood, because they are often light years ahead of their time! Aquarius is the visionary. They do not look for validation from cliques, they are unique souls, who refuse to follow convention. They dance to the beat of their own drum! They are unfazed by those people that find their level of quirkiness hard to relate to. They will have likely experienced this in school and in their younger years, but that has always been their true brilliance.

Aquarius has the confidence in their mind and soul to be different and to make a difference despite not conforming. Aquarius will have the last laugh at their high school reunion, when they face the classmates that snubbed them for their eccentricity, as they will show that their wacky ideas were pure genius and paid off!

Aquarius don’t dwell and are always onto bigger and better things! They are here to gift the world their excellent ideas! Aquarius is born to think outside of the box and to shock the world!

To all you younger Aquarians, NEVER let anyone tell you that you’re peculiar because you don’t fit in. That is your absolute magic and what makes you such a special sign!

No one can bring down an Aquarius, they rise above the drama  and focus on the wider picture. Aquarius is the humanitarian, always championing equality and justice! Aquarians are beautiful souls as they stand for what is right. Aquarius seeks, speaks and lives their truth!

Aquarians are pure souls, will also be fair and the last people to involve themselves in gossip. If involved then they will be the one sticking up for the person being gossiped about.

Aquarius is always seeking adventure, they want to travel to different worldly locations and discover the meaning of life. They will never play a one dimensional role. They have their multiple passions and interests. Aquarius will always be vocal on the topics that greatly mean something to them. They might love music, spirituality, or quantum psychics and attend seminars to seek knowledge and the truth! They are always intriguing!

Aquarius is the friendship sign. They adore their companions and see everyone in the wider world as a friend and as one. This can cause frustration for those in a relationship with an Aquarius as they will question if they are viewed as a friend, or the romantic partner that they are. Aquarius should remember that everyone is different and whilst they can sometimes be emotionally detached, they need to bring the passion!

If in a relationship with an Aquarius, know that although Aquarius is absolute free spirit and cannot be moulded, they do still hold feelings that they may not often show or express! Work together to communicate what makes each other feel fulfilled and loved. If you truly love an Aquarius then give them the space to be their own unique person and they will love and respect you for it!

Aquarius think with their heads over their hearts. They are extremely intelligent and unbiased. Aquarius should learn how to go within and take the time to listen to their heart and emotions. This will greatly help their romantic relationships and their own peace of mind. It will also help ensure that they don’t suppress their emotions, only to explode one day. Aquarius should look after their own emotional happiness. When Aquarius starts to listen to their mind and HEART, they will realise just how much personal power and intuitive brilliance they hold!

No one should ever mistake your kindness for weakness, because you obtain so much strength, so allow yourselves to be openly vulnerable once in a while. Aquarius, know that you are the ultimate MAGICIAN  manifesting your brilliant ideas into greatness! With overwhelming potential, believe in your rare uniqueness and know that you are the visionaries!!