Virgo Full Moon

FULL MOON in Virgo 1st – 2nd March

This Earthy Virgo Full Moon is creating a spiritual portal, connecting us to our higher consciousness. Positioned at 11 degrees, this master number is radiating a mystical energy helping us to awaken our third eye and strengthening our intuitive psychic abilities.

During the beginning of March we will witness many Angelic signs. We are heavily protected and guided during this Full Moon as it is activating a portal into another realm. We are being gifted the overwhelming confidence to trust in our intuition and appreciate that everything happens for a reason. Every set back, or breakthrough is conspired to achieve our future bigger and greater picture.

We are being encouraged to have confidence in ourselves at this time and to listen to our gut. Virgo rules the digestive system and gut and is highly intuitive. Virgo’s energy is influencing us to feel a sense of independence and to faith in ourselves that is often lacking.

The past lessons have helped us get to grips with who we are and to better understand the direction we want to take in life. We are taking the necessary action now to pursue our goals and life purpose. We must use our heightened intuition and Virgo’s pragmatic thinking to reach the best decisions for our overall well being. During this time we will feel the need to nurture every part of our lives, from relationships, to career, to finances. All it takes are the first small steps to work towards our greater goals.

Many of us will make sacrifices now for our future visions, whether it be taking on two jobs to inject money into a bigger personal project, or taking the time to nurture our craft and develop our spiritual and psychic ability.

When we realise that we are in fact a masterpiece in progress, we appreciate that the practical tasks need to occur in order to reach our greater visions. This Virgo Full Moon is the perfect opportunity to set our intentions and manifest our dreams into a reality.

Life and the Universe present new exciting opportunities to us everyday, when we recognise that the good and the bad experiences that occur are here to help us evolve and get to grips with the core of our soul, we learn how to turn every situation into a magical opportunity.

There is a magical energy surrounding this Full Moon and the power of meditation is extremely heightened. If we are looking to develop our connection to our spirit guides, or improve our psychic and healing ability then be sure to meditate, mediate and meditate some more under this bright and mystical Full Moon.

This is the prefect time to make important decisions as Virgo influences us to make intuitive and sensitive decisions, whilst remaining logical and pragmatic. This Full Moon is grounding us, making us feel secure and stable with our daily progression and content with the direction in which we are being guided and steered towards our future visions and goals.