Moon 6

The Full Moon on Sunday 26th August 2018 at 3° Pisces – Sky High is the Limit!!

This Full Moon astrology is positively symmetrical, creating a kite aspect pattern. Five beautiful aspects surround this intense opposition influencing us to utilise our unique talents and determination to break boundaries, turn disappointment into triumph and command overwhelming success!! Everything we’re not, will soon make us everything we are about to become. Never fear failure, it’s our greatest weapon.

Think you’ve been repeatedly tested over the last few months? There are no coincidences when it comes to faith and the intentions of the Universe. We finally know exactly who and what we want in our lives. It’s time to get serious about our current situations and future. 

Our intuition and strategic thinking are being fine-tuned. We must be honest with ourselves and identify what is detrimental to our prosperity, progression, happiness and exactly what is holding us back in our personal and professional lives.

Now is the time to tackle our greatest setbacks, especially when it comes to acknowledging past and present frivolous attitudes towards our finances. Irresponsible thinking and spending that has prevented us from establishing strong foundations, stability or even growing our visions and goals need to be changed right now. What takes us away from investing in our future, properties or business ventures? No more excuses. We are about to take back total control of our lives!!

Our past impulsive behaviours have often got us into trouble, whether that involved spontaneously quitting your job, sabotaging a relationship, or going out too much and wasting your money.

The Universe requires us to believe in all that we can achieve and show that we are willing to make temporary sacrifices to achieve the greater picture.

The Full Moon energies are not hear to overwhelm us, but to instead fuel us to logically plan out our next steps and encourage us to take one logical step at a time and take back our power.

We will willingly choose to be stricter on ourselves when it comes to our habits and spending to ensure that our most prioritised goals are met. Our creativity and savvy business minds will be sharpened to bring us the clever ideas to manifest huge levels of success. We will find the solutions to all of our problems and also take necessary action!!

Luck is on our side, so utilise the energies as the effects of this Full Moon will last for two weeks up until the upcoming New Moon on September 9th.

The Moon conjunct Sadalmelik gives prominence in occult, psychic, mystic matters. Our intuition will be on point!! Spirit and our Guides will reveal vital truths to us during the time running up to, during and after the Full Moon. Many will experience hidden secrets coming to light and the reason is for us to understand a situation or individual better. There is a karmic energy that reminds us that what is found in the darkness will always come to light. 

We are divinely protected by God, our Angels, our Spirit Guides, passed over loved ones and soul mate or twin flame on earth. They will always ensure that deceptive people or those individuals that have previously or currently caused us psychical or emotional harm are eventually exposed. When you tap into your spiritual power you realise that you are never alone and are being cosmically helped. 

Abuse, cheating, lies and other forms of betrayal will come to light despite the guilty individuals or parties involved trying to conceal matters.

Moon sextile Saturn is making us feel extremely protective of our family members and romantic partner. We will know and see things that they currently cannot and we must be supportive and lift them higher and rid them of any toxic influenes.

Fomalhaut whilst causing malevolence, is extremely powerful. It’s our mission to turn negatives and extreme life lessons into positives and our greatest achievements and propel us nearer to our life purpose.

Sun trine Saturn means previous efforts will lead to achievement and recognition, so now is the time to shine and be focused. Sun trine Uranus causes flashes of insight and extreme intuition, which will help guide us on our destined path and make the right choices.

We have one life to live, so our intuition is vital. When we mask our intuition we are more likely to live a mundane life, scared to take risks in our love life, career and other aspects on our lives. Don’t be this person, clear that throat chakra and say how you feel today. Send that text, make that phone call, put yourself on the line once in a while and reap the rewards. The key is finding a balance between responsible logical thinking and impulsive actions when required. Listen to your gut as it will always guide you on the right path.

It’s likely you’ve lost your sparkle and it’s about to shine once you take back control of where your life is headed and no longer allow yourself to be dragged. Being spiritual is knowing your intuition, trusting your inner voice and knowing that when your heart and soul make you feel a certain way there is a divine reason for this. Know that the Universe has your back, but also put in the work and keep your vision clearly in mind. 

We are being blessed with heightened self-confidence to go after the career, partner, the life we want and to believe in ourselves. Anything we want and desire is ours. Tonight is a powerful time to set our intentions and to manifest them into our reality!!

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