Full Moon

Full Moon in Scorpio on 29th/30th April 2018

The Pink Full Moon in Scorpio falls on April 29th in the US and April 30th in Europe.

The Full Moon at 9° Scorpio is an extremely positive forecast for establishing secure foundations and victorious success. There is a particular focus on Saturn which signifies strategic planning, will power and the end successes.

The Full Moon opposing the Sun will bring to the surface all of the aspects of your life that you have desperately been trying to juggle. Focus on your finances and career stability may be interfering with the time and energy you wish to devote to your intimate relationships. Your desire to travel, explore the world and live your life to the fullest may temporally be jeopardising your future plans and financial stability. If you’re a recent Mother, you will want to spend as much time as possible bonding with your new born and yet feeling pressure to return to work and be the provider.

This Full Moon is here to teach us that the sooner we understand that the concept of time does not exist, the sooner we can achieve our most important objectives. We can have it all, but we must learn the art of prioritising. Whilst many of us are excellent at multitasking, some matters in our life will require all of our dedication and we must deal with each situation one at a time. Avoiding splitting our time and doing a hundred and one things at once actually reduces our worry and anxiety levels and means a task is done correctly.

A lot of us will have recently been hit with road blocks in certain aspects of our lives in love, career or whatever other area it might be. In these situations we must remember that the Universe will sometimes swoop in and force us to relinquish all control. I’m a strong believer in turning your dreams into a reality but I am also aware of the Universal laws and know that the Universe and higher powers will intervene to propel us onto our destined path to achieve all that we desire in the best and most unexpected ways.

In the lead up to this breakthrough Full Moon, so many hidden truths will be revealed to us. As spiritual beings, the truth will always find it’s way to us in order for us to access our life paths with total clarity.

Many of us during this Full Moon will have realised exactly what we want for our lives and realised that for change to occur we must first accept the situations and people that hold us back. If we have been unhappy in a job or feel undervalued at work then now is the time to work on your portfolio, push yourself to apply to other jobs, or invest in your new business ventures.

If you have been unhappy in a romantic relationship, now is the time to recognise that you are your own saviour. Seek the answers of why you are feeling so unsatisfied and if there is foul play going on then tackle it head on and demand the answers in order to honour your worth and give you the courage to walk away. If you are separated from the one you love, then make sure you are doing everything in your power to reunite. If you’re meant to reunite then the Universe will work it’s magic and do everything in it’s power to take care of the rest. The Full Moon’s influence lasts two weeks up to the 15th May New Moon, so make the most of this energy boost to live the life you deserve.

The Moon sextile Saturn is provoking our protective nature to safeguard our closest family members and romantic partner. This Full Moon opens up the opportunity for us to deeply connect with our loved ones and tackle any issues we have been dealing with once in isolation together. Your immense love for a family member will be highlighted during the next 2 weeks and the saying ‘blood is thicker that water’ has never been truer. Family, loyalty and commitment will be strong in your mind for the next few weeks.

Trust in the Universe and remember that once you have accomplished your most important responsibilities to take time out for you, whether that be booking a fun Summer holiday, or starting a healthy eating and fitness regime. Be open to new experiences and encounters, as the Universe will always put you in the right place at the right time but first your heart and mind must be open.

Whilst this Full Moon influences you to tackle a variety of complex issues head on, it is one of the most transformative Full Moon’s and will change your life and outlook for the better! This Full Moon affects all signs, not just Scorpio’s. The Full Moon’s affects will dramatically benefit your career progression, relationships and family connections as long as you face any obstacles head on, take charge and then allow the Universe to take care of the rest!

Happy Full Moon and don’t forget to charge your crystals!

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