The Full Moon on Monday 24th September 2018 is at 2° Aries and has a huge Saturn influence!!

This Full Moon will push us to address and overcome our deepest fears and we will witness the smallest of triggers drastically switching our feelings and direction in life. The butterfly effect is real.

This Full Moon square Saturn will have us doubting our own emotions and the feelings of the people we care most about in regards to important and romantic relationships.

Chiron conjunct this Full Moon takes us back to our childhood memories as we regress our emotions back to a child-like state. Often we don’t recognise the effects our childhood and teen years have on our adult relationships and character. Our parents play a huge part in our outlook and actions as adults. Any fears or issues from our younger years subconsciously manifests into our adult life and can affect our choices, relationships, self-esteem and happiness unless we deal with any issues head on. This Full Moon specifically focusses on our relationships with our Father figure and the masculine.

This Full Moon is revealing the answers to all of the subconscious fears we’ve accumulated over the years. Mars and Uranus are providing us with the courage to tackle all of the past and present obstacles in our life to help our existing relationships and fresh starts in all aspects of our lives. When we acknowledge and take control of our past, we can then manifest our desired future. If we fear failure, loneliness or commitment issues then the Full Moon will highlight all of our greatest insecurities and show us all of the sabotage it causes in our lives.

The energy to provoke life changing decisions are going to hit us running up to, during and after the Full Moon. The smallest action or text can provide us with the closure that we didn’t think we’d unexpectedly receive. To totally our perception of someone and a relationship or friendship and remind us of our true self worth.

The Full Moon’s influence will last until October the 8th New Moon. At 01°59′ Aries is a difficult Full Moon energy as it is square Saturn by less than one degree.

The Moon opposite Mercury will try to fill us with self doubt and make us instinctively express our feelings without a second thought, or impulsively turn our back on a relationship once hit with a reality check. The blind fold has finally been removed and we can see this person or situation for what they or it is. If we are being under valued we will have the push to move on. Miscommunication during this time will likely cause stubbornness and distance. If we suffer from anxiety we need to try stay calm and realise that this Full Moon is trying to make us deal with all of our unresolved issues which will lead us to our inner soulful spiritual work.

The Moon conjoint Chiron will at first highlight the pains we are feeling within our most important relationships, but will ultimately help us to become strong enough to heal and move on. We have reached a cross roads and our next important actions and responses will cause a butterfly effect. At this time we will feel extra vulnerable and saddened by our previous unsuccessful efforts, or feel let down by someone we have invested in emotionally. Now is the time to focus on us and our future.

Moon square Saturn will make us analyse all that we have failed at in our lives, recognising our sadness, guilt, loneliness, grief, or whatever traumas we have not dealt with are to be forced to the surface for us to live our best future. Low self esteem is heightened during this time so try to remember that self love is the way forward to help us in our key relationships. We must fix ourselves before we can allow ourselves to experience true happiness or commit to our true love. There is much soul work to be done.

Now is the time for us to break away from relationships which cause us any form of pain and from emotionally controlling people who could appear in the form of a friend, romantic partner, parent, or whoever is connecting to the route of our sadness.

Moon conjunct fixed star Deneb Kaitos at 02°50′ Aries forces us to be headstrong which can either cause reckless regretful behaviour , or our impulsiveness can be what we need to set many of us free from people who allow us to give 100% but offer hardly any reassurance or respect in return.

Moon sextile Mars fills us with the courage and passion to listen to our intuition and walk away from a situation or person who is not meant for us, or at least not this moment in time and instead allow destiny to bring us the life experiences we likely need to go through.

This Full Moon is giving us the power to remember and honour our amazing self worth and cut ties and remove people from our lives that cause us sadness. Break free from negative cycles and allow space for exciting opportunities and new people and partner who will treat you with the equal love and respect.

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