Full Moon 28th June 2018!! AKA the Cosmic Intervention!!

This Full Moon is about to force us to become our own greatest mentor and cheerleader!!

The Full Moon is at 6° Capricorn and influenced by a forceful conjunction to Saturn retrograde. So how will this affect our actions and mood? The negative aspect of this Full Moon is a blessing in disguise as it’s going to push us to step up to the plate and take initiative, so don’t panic!! In the upcoming two weeks yes we will be feeling more serious which will then trigger any of our inner fears, insecurities and guilt and force us to question what restricts us from living our best life, what stops us from having that fulfilling romantic relationship, what prevents us from doing what we love in our career, or whatever else we desire but currently don’t have.

Clarity is key this Full Moon to stop us from simply coasting through life. Hard truths are sometimes much needed for rebirth.

Now is the time to change everything about our lives that aren’t filling us with total happiness and peace. And if you just said ‘well you’ll never be totally happy’ then you need change more than anyone!! Not next month, not next year, now!! You need to open that Third Eye and really start listening to your heart and soul. The reason you’ve been aimlessly wondering down the wrong path is because you’ve fallen into relationships or jobs without actually going after what you want and looking at the bigger picture in years to come. You’ve chosen convenience over sacrifice. Your fear is positively going to trigger impulsive behaviour within you and you’re about to do a U turn.

Our instincts and emotions are at an all time high during the Full Moon, so don’t ignore them. Allow your fears to not keep you stagnant but instead take you into the light and start your fabulous transformation. 

I want you to write down all of the qualities you want in a romantic partner, down to their morals, personality, looks, anything. If you are unhappy in a relationship then you need to ask yourself what it is you love about this person that makes you stay. Ask yourself, do you know that you deserve better but fear loss? If your partner differs from your typical ideal criteria but you’re happy and in a loving relationship then this doesn’t apply to you, as soul connections are powerful and they are your perfect match before you ever knew. 

BUT if you are searching for that dream special person who you’ve not yet met, then you need to start taking initiative and use the law of attraction to bring this person to you!! They’re out there searching for you too. This person will never be sent to you until your heart is open and you’re ready. Write the list and meditate on it. This way you are making your desires clear to the Universe. If you feel your are in limbo and deserve more than what you currently have then ask the Universe to send this new person to you so that you can make the choice. Everything is a test to show you who and what you really do want.

The same goes for your dream job or any aspect of your life that you want to change. Want to pursue a career in journalism do it, want to move to a foreign country do it. Yes you’ll need to start looking into visa applications and spend time applying, but you are showing the Universe that you want it and are willing to sacrifice a part of you in the now to live the life you deserve and have always visualised for yourself. I’m not saying quit your job and not have the money to pay your bills. I’m saying make the changes today so the shift can happen sooner!! Constantly keep your dreams in mind and work towards them. Nothing is off limits to you when you train your brain into knowing that you’re a master at manifesting.

As I always say, life is not a dress rehearsal, you’re born, you live and then you transcend onto the next plane. You only get one shot at THIS life, so don’t allow yourself to look back with regret. Impulse can often take you far and set you on the right path as an impulsive decision is a decision based on a gut feeling, before you can talk yourself out of it.

There is no concept of time, so you might need to sacrifice a part of you in this very moment but the rewards will be great once you find yourself living in your highest vibration, with the partner you love, in the surroundings you desire, doing the job you love, raising the family you’ve always wished for, or whatever it may be.

The effect of the Full Moon lasts for two weeks up to the 12th July Solar Eclipse so make it count.

This Full Moon at 06°28′ Capricorn aligns with Saturn by less than one degree. Whilst the serious thinking can cause distance in your intimate relationships. This time to reflect is necessary and all part of your transformation. You are creating the new you, yet truest version of you. The very best show stopper version of yourself. If you were to step into a party or a crowded room, you would grab the attention of every person in that room because you are about to shine and take charge of your destiny. This sassiness will help you cut off any detrimental on off relationships which did nothing for your soul but waste your time, because you realise your worth and what is finally coming in for you. You’re on a new level now. Leave them in the past, your exiting new future is calling!!

Yes Saturn retrograde is a time of limitation, anxiety fear, and restriction, but this fear is what’s going to become the making of you. This Full Moon energy will apply to all signs. As a Leo sun sign and Sagittarius moon sign, I’m naturally optimistic, but when you’re truly in tune with the Universe and the divine, you know that absolutely anything is possible!!



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