Full Moon 2

Full Moon 24th October 2018 ~ Happy Surprised in Love!!

This Full Moon is at 1° Taurus and joins Uranus. This October Full Moon is about unexpected and exciting development in love relationships! There will be a big turning point in your love life and financial matters as Venus is opposite Uranus. Uranus will reignite passion in existing or past relationships that still harbour feelings but were previously placed on hold due to misunderstandings, miscommunication, distance or fall outs involving egos. If single, you will attract new and exciting love likely from an admirer who will shortly make themselves known. Those trapped in relationships were the love has gone or dwindled will take the necessary action to break free so that a new love can find you and blossom.

The next 2 weeks following the Full Moon will trigger big changes to transform your career and particularly love relationships, everything will move in accelerated motion. Whilst this Full Moon will trigger unexpected behaviour and impulsiveness, Saturn will bring stability and push you to act and think logically to achieve harmony in your love life and tackle any previous obstacles.

We are all about to embark on a transformation to connect with our Higher Selves. We will ask ourselves who and what make us truly happen. Then we must act upon our findings and go after exactly what we want. There is no time like the present, time is of the essence, stop procrastinating and start living, or start planning for the major and immediate changes coming.

A physical transformation is also on the cards as we look to create the best version of ourselves possible to increase our confidence. When you love yourself and who you are, you are able to give more of yourself to your important relationships.

Moon conjuct Uranus causes impulsive reactions, so don’t be surprised if you notice an intense shift and things start working in your favour. It will feel as if all of your wishes have been answered, so use this opportunity to grasp your happiness.

Moon opposite Venus fuels your desire for love. This will push you to make contact and become more courageous in love. On the other hand those who are feeling lonely shouldn’t lower their standards and settle. This Full Moon is about recognising that we deserve the very best and knowing that we can manifest anything we want. We are in control of our happiness so take charge!

Venus sectile Saturn heightens a need for companionship. This makes relationship issues weigh heavy on your mind and the only way to liberate yourself is to follow your heart and speak your truth. Speak your true feelings and see what opportunities will open up. Never be afraid in love, take risks and they will likely pay off during this time.

Moon trine Saturn gives you extra patience to invest in relationships that are at times a struggle but well worth your energy. The key to benefit from this Full Moon’s energies is to focus and recognise what and who you want, take risks, communicate how you feel, remain calm and know that you will get your desired result and then put in the planning to make it happen!

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