Full Moon 2

Full Moon 23rd November 2018

Tempers are to rise, deceitful and sneaky individuals are about to be exposed and it’s a blessing in disguise!!

The Full Moon is at 0° Gemini in the Pleiades Star Cluster.

Anger and arguments are rife! The Full Moon is causing a whirlwind of intense emotions! We will feel courages and strong, but it will also ignite great anger and irritation. Think before we react! A moment an anger can cause regret, even if you have a valid reason to be annoyed. Be aware as this Full Moon will test our patience and teach us to restrain ourselves from impulsive behaviour.

The desire to be ruthless and crueler than usual after a temper outburst is triggered by the Full Moon being in the Pleiades. Forethought is a must during this period to avoid pain and regret. To survive this Full Moon we must take full control of our emotions and not allow those people that irritate us most to get the better of us or a reaction out of us.

During a Full Moon our family, home and closest relationships are highlighted. Any negative feelings will rise to the surface, but often important issues cannot be ignored and must be addressed. Deceit, lies and sneaky actions will start to slowly be revealed. The Universe and Spirit will ensure that the darkness comes to light.

The Universe and Spirit will always help those being deceived and being made a fool of to see the light. Those with the worst and manipulative intentions will soon be exposed. It’s called Karma. Hard lessons are to slowly be learnt but they will turn into the biggest blessings in disguise. Everyone will be feeling extra protective over loved ones.

There is an unsettling feeling attached to this 23rd November Full Moon because of the fixed stars and planetary aspects. Over the next 2 weeks there will be bitterness and tempers will rise due to the Full Moon square Mars. This angry energy is exaggerated as there is opposition to Jupiter.

The Full Moon energy may at first appear nasty and cold, but the mission is to rid us of those toxic people in our lives who wear a mask daily. To reveal to us those people who are deceiving us by living a double life with negative intentions. It is a gift from the Universe and proof that you are divinely protected and will propel you on your destined path.

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