Moon 4 2

DOUBLE WHAMMY – Gemini Super Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde on the 3rd December!!!

The Gemini Super Full Moon is shining a glaring light on total truths. Gemini’s connection with speaking the raw truth is illuminating our deepest intentions, motivations and who we are at our core. The Full Moon is unmasking all delusions surrounding our most important relationships, focusing on romantic connections, family, friendships and work relations.

The Super Moon makes the lunar energy twice as intense whilst Mercury Retrograde commands how and the speed in which this overwhelming energy is gifted to us. There is a battle between the energies of the Gemini Super Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde! The Gemini Full Moon will provide us with total clarity acting upon our intuition, whilst Mercury Retrograde will try provoke us to act irrationally based on ego without prior consideration. We are responsible for which of the two energies dominate!

To allow a favourable shift in energy and to master the ability to manifest our wildest dreams in 2018, we must face the hard truths of 2017 and learn from the important lessons. This year has tested the depths of our perseverance and character, yet these challenges have been vital in propelling us closer to aligning us with our Higher Self and make our dreams into a reality in 2018. Our souls have greatly evolved and we will leave 2017 as different individuals to how we begun the year.

We’ve had to endure the deep soul searching of 2017 to ensure that we are ready to take on the positively explosive 2018 shift in energy! Appreciation is key and often we can only truly appreciate the blessings after enduring the challenges and disappointment.

In the last week and run up to the Full Moon we will have been challenging all of the aspects in our life that causes us disharmony and disconnects us from our harmonious Higher Self. We are suddenly seeing people and situations for who and what they truly are. The slow nature and frustration created by Mercury Retrograde can push us to the limits of addressing issues head on, aided by the courageous and honest Gemini Super Full Moon.

We will be evaluating our career growth. If we have been feeling manipulated or undervalued at work, we’ll be struck with a realisation of our worth and personal power. We will likely find ourselves adopting Gemini’s superpower quality of speaking their mind! Whilst this will bring us closer to getting what we want through instigating much needed discussions, remember that Mercury is interfering in communication be sure to think before you speak or act irrationally based on the desire of ego. Think strategically!

You crave to make your dreams into a reality and know that the only way to fairly honour yourself is to take inventory and assess what causes your life disharmony.

Are you surrounding yourself with the right friends who nurture and uplift you as oppose to suppressing and draining you? If you are frustrated with certain friendships then your thoughts must be communicated, again you mustn’t pour out your feelings during Mercury Retrograde and instead calmly shed light on what has been bothering you and why you feel like you are experiencing a one sided relationship and uneven energy exchange.

Love is the most tricky aspects as we are often faced with a battle between ego and our heart’s desire. When it comes to love and a romantic connection, never try to deceive yourself. Do not discuss a relationship with those closest to you if you feel like you are becoming defensive. Instead understand that the only people that truly understand the power of a connection are those involved. If you know you are being mistreated then allow yourself to set yourself and the person in question free. When dealing with matters of the heart, nothing can flourish from a place of fear. When we let go of all expectation and have faith that the perfect match will be revealed to us, we know that even if ‘the one’ is a past, current or new love, that we will receive the love that is meant for us and makes us the happiest and most inspired versions of ourself.

As we are soon to enter the new beginnings of 2018, the energy of December encourages us to reflect on our behaviour and actions this last year in order to establish what changes are necessary!

Opposing polarities are making us question which aspects of our life is suffering. Our true love and happiness vs our ego. Work and responsibilities vs our interests, spiritual growth and own business success. Pleasing friends and family whilst jeopardising our own goals. Whatever it may be, we ourselves must understand what we value as most important. Change will never occur if you keep carrying out the same actions and behaviour repeatedly. Allow yourself to experience the adventures of 2018 from a place of fresh new thinking.

On New Year’s Eve we reflect upon the last year and ask ourselves if we have spent our time doing what we love, surrounded by the people we love. Often on New Year’s Eve regret can arise when we acknowledge that we have not lived everyday as if it were our last. Why must we wait for New Year’s Eve to assess our behaviour and actions? There is no such concept of time, which means that we can change our life in seconds, but first we must truthfully acknowledge our deepest desires and intentions.

The Full Moon will not be as large and visible again as it is on the 3rd Dec 2017 until 2024. Our life is precious, but the difference between existing and living your life, is when you can truthfully say that you spent your days with the one you love, surrounded by those that uplift you and that you get up everyday doing what you love!

Mercury Retrograde’s influence will try make us feel stuck and stagnant. Sometimes we must hit rock bottom and reach a state of total frustration before the message that action is a must strikes us! It is all pushing us closer to our dreams.

During Mercury Retrograde avoid irrational decisions and instead take your time to choose your words and actions wisely to escape regret.

The Super Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde are battling against one another and will determine our travel arrangements, love relationships and finances.

The Full Moon will be pushing us towards love whilst Mercury Retrograde will affect methods of communication. The Full Moon will influence us to splurge on spending, yet Mercury will try to affect our financial situation to derail our plans. We will be torn between handing in our resignation and setting ourselves fee and being tempted by a promotion. The only way to uncover the answers is to operate from a place of truth and raw intuition which will never steer us wrong.

When Mercury Retrograde forces us to question our progress and why things are taking so long to materialise and possibly trigger a wave of anxiousness, we should remind ourselves that every set back is preparing us for your greatest reward. Without the acknowledgement of what we don’t want, we’d never realise what we truly crave. The Gemini Super Moon is showing us that we have the power to change our life drastically, once we understand where our focus needs to be directed and we strategically act upon the intuitive messages that we receive!