Shamanic Healing Prices

Empowerment Healing

Soulmate Healing

Past Life Regression

£79 GBP

(Approx $107 USD/ $135 CAD/ €88 EUR)

Soulmate Healing and Soulmate Guidance Reading

Past Life Regression and Past Life Healing, Cutting Cords

Extraction Healing

£158 GBP

(Approx $203 USD/ $270 CAD/ €171 EUR)


Shamanic healing is one of the deepest forms of healing. Danielle, Psychic Gems Shaman was born with natural shamanic, psychic and mediumship ability and has extensively trained and studied Shamanic practices.

Shamanic healing breaks toxic karmic connections, fixes past life traumas, strengthens relationships, removes blocked energy holding you back in this life, heals emotional and physical blockages and allows you to move forward with your future. Danielle journeys for the client and is shown their most significant past life which she then conveys to the client so that they understand the lesson that needs to be learned. Danielle identifies your power animal and where you require spirit healing to align your kundalini and restore your wellbeing.

How to Book a Shamanic Reading

t: (+44) 7753609319
(WhatsApp text/call also available).


or Instagram direct message @psychicgems
(fastest responce)

International WhatsApp, Skype and FaceTime audio call readings.


International clients can pay via PayPal. PayPal will calculate the currency conversion at the time of payment. UK clients are able to pay via PayPal or online banking.