Leo 3

August 11th New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse!!

At 18 degrees Leo, this New Moon and Solar Eclipse are affected by a conjunction to Mercury Retrograde and pushing us to be courageous and take charge!!

The Eclipse is forcing us to unleash our inner lion or lioness and not only think about where our life is currently situated, but also where it is headed. We must take brave action to grab the wheel and drive us to our desired destination!! Leo’s always take initiative, they don’t wait for life to pass them by. This energy and thinking will influence all of the zodiac signs, not just Leo’s.

Nothing worth having comes easy, hence why this Solar Eclipse is presenting obstacles and brings the challenging aspects of Jupiter and Pluto to the surface, causing much needed disagreements and a power battles in order to reach a resolution. Ideas and debates on feminism and politics will be caused by Asteroid Pallas conjunct the Eclipse. This will affect us ALL in our everyday lives as well as romantic relationships.

In relationships Leo’s powerful and direct energy will dismiss gender stereotypes created by society and will encourage women in relationships to do things their own way. Society tells us that women should be pursued and chased by men, but hello it’s 2018!! Men need reassurance too and believe me when I say that women do not simply try to fix a relationship because they are running out of other options, NO, many women know exactly what and who they want and will never settle for anything less. They are taking the bull by the horns and making shit happen!!

If a woman didn’t want a man, believe me she wouldn’t be wasting her precious time. A man should be able to read the woman in question well enough to understand her intentions. It is of course dependent on the individual woman but this is what this New Moon energy is provoking. This New Moon and Eclipse is influencing us to stop listening to how men and women should act in relationships and instead teaching them to simply listen to their guts and go after what they want. And if it doesn’t work out, then like a champion take it and it’s only ever onwards and upwards!! Leo’s hate to have their egos bruised but at the same time they also possess winning spirit!!

The most powerful aspect in astrology is Sun conjunct Moon. Absolutely all possibilities are within our reach and we are able to manifest the future we desire. Leo energy has no space for procrastination. It’s time to face up to what you’ve been doing so wrong and take the action to pursue your greatest happiness.

The art of manifestation is to first write down all that you desire on a piece of paper so you bring your intentions into the psychical and so that the Universe is crystal clear in what to attract your way. Take initiative!!

Fixed star Merak on the Side of the Great Bear gives a desire for command and domination. You are going to start getting serious about your goals and direction.

Asteroid Pallas signifies wisdom, courage and strategy. Pallas searches for the truth before resulting in a verdict and taking action. She is all powerful and represents the modern day woman recognising her intelligence, courage and beauty combined. Whatever we desire is ours, own your Goddess qualities and never limit yourself!!

Mercury retrograde complicates all communication and decisions, so now is the time for a little bit of patience. If you haven’t yet received that text message, relax. Mercury retrograde can make you feel extra anxious and overthink but don’t let it, own your thoughts and feelings and take control of the words and behaviour you put out into the Universe!! 

Think before you act on impulse!!

It will cause nostalgia and memories from the past to emerge, people will reappear and business ventures may be left up in the air. Focus on one thing at a time and prioritise. Go with your gut and Mercury Retrograde can’t touch you!!

Solar Eclipse square Jupiter has extremes, either you’ll be feeling confident, optimistic and lucky, or the total opposite!! The trick to keeping calm is focus on one task at a time and know what is most important!! There will be a tendency to overindulge, spend and partake in addictive behaviour. Everything is heightened! Remain calm and stay focused on what it is you really want and don’t let anything derail you.

Solas Eclipse quincunx Pluto leads to secrets being exposed and reputations ruined. What is found in darkness will come to light. True intentions will always be revealed and should by no means be viewed as a negative, it is to prove one’s commitment and to free us from any deception or delusions. There is a divine entourage working towards building our greatest destiny but they need us too, to be present and do things with purpose!!

It’s about to get very interesting, are you ready for the ride?!

Be courageous, own your power and make all that you’ve ever desired most, finally yours!!

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