New Moon Feb

Aquarius New Moon 11th February 2021

New Moon

11th February 2021



The Aquarius New Moon affects us all, be prepared for sparks to fly in love! There’s excitement in the atmosphere! Venus conjunct Jupiter means that this New Moon is playing cupid! It’s all about romantic love flourishing and recognising your own inner beauty and magic!

Romance is intensified by the allure of Mars sextile Neptune. This is an incredible time to find exciting new love and to continue to build strong foundations in an existing relationship.

This is the most favourable planetary mix for love. If you’re in a solid relationship then planetary aspects will be pushing you closer together and those dating will be feeling flirtatious and will be on top form showcasing their best qualities.

Those of you who have experienced a break up, or trying to finally move on, fate is on your side, a Universal intervention is about to take you from feeling 0 to 100, reminding you exactly who you are. You’re going to start taking control of your life in particular in your love life and realise that love goes on. If someone hasn’t recognised your sparkle previously, then feel bad for them, wish them luck and know that someone amazing is about to walk into your life that changes everything! Don’t stay loyal to someone that doesn’t see you, your power is about to be returned to you.

Mars sextile Neptune (1°11′) acts as a magnetic pull to draw in your soul mate! Your appeal and charisma will be at an all time high to lure in someone new and will reignite the flame for existing relationships.

Venus conjunct Jupiter is the most influential planetary aspect which is beautiful news for us all, it oozes good luck, financial abundance and LOVE! Fixed star ‘the luckiest of the lucky’ aligns with the New Moon which means this is THE time to manifest and transform everything you’ve been wishing for, into reality!

You’ll feel completely energised after feeling unmotivated for weeks. A realisation will wash over you that sometimes in life certain elements are completely out of our control, but one factor that lies in our hands alone is our potential and what we choose to do with it! This inner strength will bring much needed emotional balance, now is NOT the time to crumble. Your strength is a must!

Venus conjunct Jupiter (0°10′) tells me major breakthroughs are coming! Luck is on our side! The New Moon energy is dripping in opportunity for money, success and love! Your determination and good deeds have been noted and the Universe is sure to reward you.

This New Moon forces us to see a situation from someone else’s perspective, provoking us to show warmth and compassion and in return we let go of anything and anyone weighing us down, all done with love. This New Moon will bring out the best parts of our personalities.

Don’t fear Saturn Square Uranus on the 17th February as it is forcing us to step out of our comfort zone for our own good! The planetary aspects that at times are less favourable are necessary to evolve our spirit and character. When this point in the month occurs remember that the time will never be right to step into the unknown, so you better be ready to embrace change and go with the flow as it will guide you to your destined outcome!

We must be adaptable and stop clinging on to change and the past, when something and someone amazing awaits us!

Make sure to cleanse your crystals under the New Moon and most importantly write down and visualise all that you wish to manifest, imagine it’s already yours and put in the work!!! 🌞💛💫

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Art Credit: @visualpotions on Instagram