Affirmations 2 2


Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

You truly are what you think. The thoughts that we put out into the Universe are extremely powerful, yet to become a master at manifestation, you must go a step further than relying on thoughts alone. Our thoughts must transcribe into words and our words transform into actions. To create your dreams you must re-train your mind into believing that absolutely anything is possible. Make your dreams a reality.

In order to make our desires crystal clear to the Universe, you must only think, speak and take positive actions towards your goals. What do you think histories greatest leaders, Hollywood stars and the most accomplished people have that you are lacking? Absolutely nothing, except a vision, overwhelming self-belief and the drive to stop at nothing until their dreams became a reality.

It takes the smallest steps to change your life. So from this moment forward lets embark on the journey of living out our dreams. Whether you want to achieve the healthiest and happiest version of yourself possible, acquire your dream body, become renowned within the field of your expertise, or have the entire world know your name, if you truly believe it and are prepared to work incredibly hard, then you have already begun your journey of achievement. It will require endless amounts of stamina, belief and a positive outlook, but the end results will make your level of dedication completely worth it.

The full effect of the Virgo full moon has undoubtedly kicked in and I have been seeing 222 all day, which signifies mastering miracles.