Super Moon


2018, a universal gateway to manifesting our dreams into a reality, settling for nothing but the very best!!!


The Wolf Moon on the 1st January will be a Supermoon and the largest; most illuminated Full Moon in 2018!!!

It’s no coincidence that that Full Moon will be visible the night after New Year’s Eve when much of the world releases the pain and emotional anguish of 2017 to the Universe and faithfully trust in the hopeful, opportunistic and courageous 2018 energy to fill our hearts and minds.

2017 has been a wild ride of emotions, causing fragile hearts, exposing heavy truths and providing immense soul lessons. It’s no wonder we are feeling rather delicate as this testing year draws to a close. The greatest gift from 2017 is that you truly now know thyself.

The Universe has put us through the ringer to show us how courageous we can be, that we are strong on our own and that nothing can break our souls. 2017s tests forced us to reflect on our life purpose, what makes us truly happy and what and who we feel to be most important in our heart’s. This time of consideration has as intended propelled us to this point to gallop into 2018 with a sense of self, purpose and acknowledgment of our greatest dreams realised. If 2017 was the year of trials and soul searching, then 2018 is the year of chasing dreams, action and settling for nothing but our authentic heart’s desires!

We will be welcoming in the New Year with intensely heightened emotions, not only because New Year’s Eve triggers internal contemplation deep within our soul’s, but our sense of vulnerability is magnified as this Full Moon is in watery and emotional Cancer.

An intensified frequency has already been simmering in the days running up to the Full Moon and New Year’s Eve. Many of us only ever take a minute to breathe and genuinely reflect on our life’s past and future direction and the quality of our relationships on New Year’s Eve. There is a global consciousness that the last day and night of 2017 acts as an indicator of a chapter ending and the opening of a new chapter, entered with clearer mind-sets, with a sense of true purpose and dreams realised.

It was typical in ancient time to identify the changes in seasons by tracking the lunar cycles. The Full Moon on the 1st January cosmically and spiritually signifies a necessary new beginning for us all.

The Wolf Moon reminds me that we are all connected, no matter the distance and length of time. The power of love and hope knows no borders and as wolves howl across great distances to make their presence known and to worn off enemies, we too can make our presence known despite where we are in the world. Obstacles are created in our minds. When we have total faith in ourselves, our abilities and the insane opportunities the Universe presents to us every single day, we draw upon a sense of power that will motivate us to create our dreams in 2018.

2017 showed us that people only exert power over us, if we allow them to. We hold our personal power. No one person or thing, whether it be a loved one, partner, boss, or job can take our power and we have control over our own actions, behaviour and future. Although much is destined, our determination and the fire in our heart holds the keys to our dreams becoming a reality.

During this Full Moon the influence of masculine and fiery Mars and the gentle healing powers of Neptune, which guides our imagination, means that our emotions will be slightly clashing. Neptune will connect us to our heart chakra, provoking forgiveness and dissolving egos to allow greater frequencies of love into our lives. Neptune gently reminds us that we are all human and to see the vulnerability and good within others. To offer forgiveness is true power, as this strength makes us humble and accepting that pain and love are incredibly vital emotions for us to fully understand our soul journey. One emotion cannot be truly appreciated without the other. Mars’s masculine energy however, reminds us that we have brave and fearless hearts, yet bravery doesn’t mean that we deny our emotions and vulnerability, instead we should embrace the pain in order to grow from it! This explains why this New Year’s Eve one may feel a great sense of forgiving in your heart towards a loved one, or the one you love for past hurts and the next minute your pride and logical mind takes over and makes you step down in your plans to reconcile. When we listen to our heart and intuition without censorship, we carry out the perfect actions for us to step furthest in distance on our soul path.

Many of us will be contemplating if we should reach out to someone who we hold in our heart this New Year’s. My advice is put your ego to one side, remove your expectations and pride about who should be the one to get in touch and instead do the action that results in the action that lights up your heart and brings you closest to alignment. The only person you are punishing is yourself and as mentioned we are all human and sometimes we can’t always see the bigger picture. We can often convince ourselves of how someone doesn’t care for us, but people and their intentions can often be misunderstood, so enter this year not with a heavy heart, but with a heart full of love and forgiveness. You attract what you are.

Mars in conjunction with Jupiter is what is going to start 2018 with the drive and determination we need to believe in our ideas and personal power. We are being gifted the extra courage to follow our intuition. When we believe we have something special to offer the world and we have the determination to create our dreams, nothing can stop us. 2018 is the year to put in the hard work and finally witness what our efforts can achieve. Have faith in ourselves!

2017 can be seen as the year of setting the foundations, exploring a certain business venture, a reflection of what we wanted from a relationship and our realised perfectly matched partner, but 2018 is the year to use our finding to take action! The Devotion that 2018 is creating in our hearts is unstoppable. We will witness and feel a deep devotion to all that we want to succeed, whether it be a devotion to be hugely successful at building our business or empire, or a devotion to the one we love. Devote ourselves to the things and people that truly enrich our life and make our heart-whole, without sacrificing our own identity.

The Sun in earthy Capricorn is what is grounding us and won’t allow our emotions to run riot. The contemplation running through our minds will be extensive, yet knowing who we truly are can only be understood when we silence our mind and listen and feel our emotions and the vibrations that are triggered inside of us. Don’t allow doubts to creep in and drown out our intuitive inner voice.

The Full Moon opposite Venus will force us to crave a deep love and pine for our true love. 2018 is a tenacious year; it is not a wishwashy year of contemplation and a year to continue searching. 2017 has allowed us to do all of the reflection and soul searching we needed to arrive at our decisions on what we want out of life, who we want in our lives, the one who holds our heart, which location brings us most peace and is our spiritual home and the last 2 years most importantly have made us face our true soul’s blueprints.

2018 is not the year to ponder or to settle. Our life begins when the clock strikes 12 when we take charge of our future and jump into the driving seat. Life shouldn’t be taken for granted and although there is no concept of time, why wait for life to happen, our inner navigation (our heart and soul) are what will guide us to live our greatest dreams and desires.

Here’s to 2018!!! Stop allowing life to drag us through the waves, instead we should steer our lives according to our intuition and know that God, the Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Selves and the Universe divinely protect us. There is a perfect plan that has been conspired for us all, just allow our intuition to guide us to our wildest dreams and know that settling is no option!!!

We owe it to ourselves!

Let’s keep spreading LOVE and consciousness and ultimately raising the Universal vibrations in 2018! Happy New Year to you all, may 2018 be your best and most special year yet! Psychic Gems is sending love and healing to all xxx