New Moon 2

15th – 16th Feb 2018 – NEW MOON in Aquarius!!

The absence of a Full Moon this February 2018 emphasises that this special month is all about new beginnings!! It is the turning point for increased communication and brilliant ideas, triggered by its close alignment with Mercury. The Universe has our back and is encouraging us to have faith and self-confidence, to be adaptable, to go with the flow, brainstorm genius ideas and have faith in true love connections! Now is the time to get creative and dissolve all fear. The sharing of ideas will cause light bulb moments and the ability to easier express ourselves are divine gifts from Higher Sources helping us to put plans into action to live our very best life!

Asteroids Juno (goddess of the new moon and protector of true love connections, Soul Mates Twin Flames, and love commitments) and Hygeia (connecting us to health and healing) contribute to the increased energy around the February solar eclipse, provoking us to practice compassion and focus on our love lives. A stressful past year which likely caused burn out, has also lead us to reflect on our health and the nourishment of our bodies. This new moon is the perfect time to ensure our mind, body and soul are aligned. A new healthy eating and work out regime will be successful at this time to kick start us on our mission for greater inner-confidence.

This is also a key time to strengthen commitment from a partner, to get engaged or married. The idea of settling was left behind with 2017 as only true love will appeal to us, superficial relationships will appear undesirable. We are more likely to attract souls who are seeking a serious and meaningful relationship and with the influence of Juno it’s a lucky time to meet ‘the one’. If you are currently dating or internet dating then this is a favourable time to meet someone long lasting!

As we evolve and grow from the relationship with ourself first and foremost, we realise what it means to live our truth. We start to realise which relationships compromise our self worth and which enrich us on a spiritual level. No relationship will always be 100% easy, so we must decipher which is worth our patience, understanding and effort.

Jupiter sextile Pluto means our desire to greatly change our life will be conspired by the Universe so instead of us forcing change, the Universe will present powerful and influential opportunities that will align our actions to achieve our true heart’s desires.

The close of 2017 and January 2018 forced a lot of us to seriously question if we were close to achieving our ultimate life purpose and happiness. Many of us found ourselves coasting along for the last 2 years without any sense of urgent action needing to be taken. December and January were our wake up calls months! This February solar eclipse will be championing us to implement favourable changes to improve our greater happiness due to the influence of planet Uranus!!

Don’t worry if the last few weeks have resulted in us pondering what our new direction should be. Everything happens for a reason and change is necessary for new chapters to begin. Despite us fearing the unknown and taking risks, often unexpected risks are what change our life forever and propel us forward on our destined path. If no one ever took risks then some of the greatest moments in history would be non existent and nothing but a dream.

If we have felt trapped in a certain situation this new moon provokes a sense of freedom and new thinking! We will release ourselves from these constraints as our souls will crave new energy and independence.

This February eclipse falling in air sign Aquarius promotes an optimistic energy. Rather than feeling an arrogant confidence, we will be feeling hopeful and humble. Instead of charging ahead forcing change, we have taken our time to reflect and consider the direction we want to consider in all aspects of our life from our relationships to career. These next gentle and carefully considered steps will be underestimated game changers!

Whilst it’s daunting to have stepped out of our comfort zone and to have let go of what we knew, we couldn’t keep repeating the same cycles and expect to be aligned with our Higher Selves and to be a step nearer to living our greatest happiness.

Our actions right now are going to be influenced not by the now, but by our future desires and goals. We must see the bigger picture and put in the hard work and intelligence now, so that we can sooner live our wildest dreams.

We have witnessed rapid spiritual growth after the testing lessons of 2016 and 2017. We are all more connected with our Higher Selves and heart chakras and should have realised that our egos do not work in our best interest. Communicate during this eclipse and don’t give up! Often so many conversations or situations can be misunderstood, especially over text, so make sure that your communication is clear and not diluted by your pride or fear of being hurt. Be honest with yourself and your partner, or within your important relationships.

The most vital question you can ask yourself is what or who makes you feel complete? When you listen to your heart and intuition you are being Divinely guided. Once you make your desires and intentions clear to God, your Angels, your Guides and the Universe, you will start to witness synchronicity’s and evidence of divine conspiring. We too must apply our drive and creativity, but know that you are being divinely helped. The most powerful way to manifest is for us to listen to our sacred inner voice and visualise our future goals and intentions and work towards them not tomorrow but now!

This new moon is a beautiful time to attract an abundance of love, success and peace of mind, it all begins with a small thought and belief. Once we allow ourselves to quieten our minds, we will find our intuitive focus.

Do what makes you happy, go for reiki, strengthen your third eye through meditation, reach out to the one you miss most, focus on building your empire, whatever you do, make sure you dedicate your time and energy to what is important to you and never dilute your truth.

Plant the seeds now in order to receive your much deserved gifts and harvest!!

Happy New Moon!!

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